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Singapore is everything the movies portray it to be. Clean, multi- cultural, a lot of English spoken, busy like a bee hive, and lots of money.........

Last night we took a Singapore after dark tour. A boat ride down the river in the center of the city. Walked through the iconic mall, with stores I have only heard the brands of on TV, and casino. Through the hotel that looks like it has a surf board on top, of three towers, connected by swimming pools 56 stories high. We were given a ticket for a drink Singapore sling or a beer but I got a grape slushy. it was very hot and according to the pedometer we’d walked one and a quarter mile from the boat to get here. Two inhaler march for D. Watched the light show from the top. A once in a lifetime experience.

Everybody talks about food. How no one cooks because there are restaurants under everyone’s government subsidized apartment building. Only 20% of the population owns private living space. Which restaurants have the best food and cheap. He told us about one in Chinatown that fixes small fresh water stingray. Crispy skin, with hot sweet’n sour on the meat inside. Chicken fried rice made with coconut milk, always the octopus rings.

The US dollar is worth 1.32 Singapore dollars. Which is great because when we left the ship this morning and found our luggage D’s suitcase had a broken wheel. Getting it through customs, the X-ray machine, and the walk to the cab stands was an effort in controlled temper, frustration, and much discussion about what’s going to happen tomorrow at the airport. Before we went to the taxi stand, I went up to the second floor and changed US dollars for Singapore ones so we could pay the driver. After arriving at the Crowne Plaza even with a broken wheel D started to appreciate the elegance and staff of this facility. A young man took control of our luggage. Our room is the size of a small apartment. There is deep tub, Terry Rowe, a separate shower room , mini coffee bar, sitting area with couch and chairs, and a big TV. Keep in mind they let us check in at 9:30 am. When check in is 3pm. D was soooo happy not to have to store the luggage and kill time.

This hotel is attached to the airport. So we ate breakfast and walked around till we found a machine that gave directions to your gate from the hotel. Went up a floor to see where we might have supper and there was a travel store with a big “ luggage sale”. Double zipper that can not be pried open with a knife and matching carry on for $149 US translation $114. Insurmountable problem solved. The larger suitcase looked smaller to D than his other one but held everything in the transfer. Life is so good he is sound asleep.

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