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Today we rode in Trishaws all over George Town. It was hot, high humidity, and a little rain. Just like home. What a great day it was.

Our first stop Pinang Peranakan Mansion. 30 rooms. Dining room on the right Western, dining on the left Eastern depending on who they were entertaining. There was a room where they smoked opium until 1867 when it was outlawed because of a civil war between gangs of drug lords. The final portrait of the mistress of the house was pretty bad from years of opium addiction. To go upstairs we had to once again take our shoes off because the floors were in laid mahogany. There was a China room with a dozen cabinets full of hand painted place setting and serving dishes. Green for every day, blue for funerals, pink for celebrations, orange for children. Another room was filled with Vaseline glass sculptures popular in the 1890’s. I will spare you the wedding night tales which involved a white hankie and two chickens to predict the sex of their first child.

I found out yesterday that in Chinese that Baba is the equivalent of Mr. and Nona is used like Mrs. After 30 days I finally understand the address of Nona Judy.

Malaysia is the combination of people from India, China, and Arab countries in the 1800’s which has formed their own unique race. There is an area called harmony because there is a Hindu temples, a Mosque, and a Catholic Church. I have some really good pictures of these because my Trishaw driver would go out of his way to drive over to the best view for photographing. This led my husband to wonder where I was on several occasions. Because there was also a side street detour to show me where Jimmy Choo learned to make shoes in his fathers shop. My driver was probably in his mid 70’s, just a few teeth, nicely dressed, good English and a great tour guide. He was a bonus.

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