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Our RV Park in McAlester is fine for overnight. However . . . . . We are about one block from an intersection where the trains must signal they are coming through! It is a busy train line. We were in Dodge City, Kansas the last time we experienced this.

The last train in McAlester goes through at 10:30. The first train this morning is at 5:30. No one oversleeps in McAlester!

We start our day shopping and getting gas at the Walmart. We know how to get to it. After shopping, we finally get back on the highway. This is a very difficult area to navigate if you do not live here.

It is a two hour run to Alma, Arkansas. We drive straight through. The roads are good. John reminds me to get the Arkansas welcome sign.

We check into our campground. We will be here three nights. It has a pond.

I call the train depot and book our Saturday train ride. There is a craft festival this weekend.

I study the map. We will visit Fort Smith National Historic Site tomorrow. We appear to be well located for both.

That’s all for today. We are in Arkansas.

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