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Today we are feeling so blessed. We have been through some trials lately. Getting off the road was a difficult decision but we know it was the right decision for us. Not being in the valley with our friends will be on our minds for sure but every one of you dear friends has had an impact on our lives. You have our love along with a special place in our hearts.

Yesterday we bought a home and today we sold our RV. We are beginning a new chapter in our lives and hope that our RV friends can somehow manage to visit us from time to time.

It has been a stressful time these past few days, and now we should be able to relax. Somehow I have mixed feelings and some emotion when I realize what we have given up.

The full-time RV lifestyle has blessed us beyond measure but it is time now to spend our days with the family, watch the grandkids play ball, share meals with family as well as with friends, and to be thankful for the wonderful friends who shared this journey with us.

May God bless each of you, watch over you, and keep you safe. Remember dear friends that Life is Good!

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