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Today I met a woman who was at the end of Candy Crush waiting for new levels to be added. It was level 4600 something. She has played about 3 hours every day the last 8 yrs. So that is 1095 hours a year times 8 equals 8760 total hours. Divide that by 24 is 365. So one year of the past 8 she has been playing Candy Crush.

This was the last day of Progressive trivia for “50 shades of gray matter”. We finished 9th. It could have been 8th place but for some reason I could not think of Jennifer Hudson’s name or Mila Kusher’s maiden name. No plastic medal on a ribbon for us.

Last night was lobster night at dinner. They make you suffer for it by making it another formal night, number 5. We have seen it all from a corset attached to shorts covered by a long lace skirt with no under garments, to a jacket and skirt made of 5 inch sequins with the edges broken off from each time she sat down. Men in tuxes, young men in Tuxedo t-shirts with the sleeves cut off. Women in beautiful long ball gowns and flip flops because their feet are burned. My favorite was a floor length T- shirt with a formal printed on it. I have worn the same dress pants and lace sleeved top all four times, we skipped one.

The theater had Claire Maiden preforming. She won Amsterdam’s got talent. We have seen her 3 times now on three different cruises. She is a concert pianist and sings. Actually I have enjoyed it all three times. Today we met her in the elevator and told her that. She is as attractive close up as she is on stage. As always the pre-show in the theater of sitting and rejecting, drink spilling, and climb overs is still entertaining. But after 30 days we are easily entertained.

And as if things couldn’t get any weirder we were given a full refund for the the day D was incarcerated in the room as ship credit. We still have $ 131.54 ship credit remaining after we purchased one each of the two shirts they have in the teeny tiny gift shop. We must either drink heavily the next two days, buy a round and watch, eat in a specialty restaurant. .....or I could make a down payment on the $2900 ring I like which is today only 40% off.

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