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Visiting the Layton's campsite on Mother's Day

Pat, Bridget and Sue head for one of the overlooks

Cedar Falls on Petit Jean Mountain

Sue, Layton girls and the dogs above Cedar Falls

Pat looks over the river valley near Petit Jean's grave

Katie visits with Governor Hutchinson

Apraxia group with the Governor

Partial group picture with the Governor

Beth was better and Pat and Bridget were here so the race was on. It was on to take advantage of them being here for a few days and it was a few days until Beth's next treatment. And...it continued to rain. And then it rained a little more.

Since there are doctors visits and other items I will sail through some of the days.

Thursday, Sue and I visited our dermatologist and both of us had some small places removed. And as usual I had several places frozen on my head. Then back to the Bus. We visited for a while and then had a dinner out.

Friday, Sue had a hair and toe appointment with Cyrena. Great haircut and much needed pedicure. I had lunch across the street at US Pizza. We then headed back to the Bus and visited with P&B. We rested a few minutes and let Sue's toes dry before heading to Bass Pro Shop. We spent about an hour wandering around and came out to a little rain storm that popped up when there was 0% chance of rain. We then headed for Lazy Pete's. As usual the food was great and met P&B's Cajun palate. Then back to the park and a little more visiting before bed time.

Saturday brought a little more rain but we headed for the Farmers Market in the River Market district. When we arrived, it was still raining. We visited all the tables in the pavilions. There was not as many produce items as we had anticipated. Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the first day and too early for very much. . .but regardless there was not that much. Then we drove around showing P&B a little of the downtown area in LR and NLR. Then we had lunch at Burge's in the Heights. As usual it was good. Then back to the park to take it easy, hopefully to nap during the rain...but, that slowed down. And we all slowed down.

Sunday we were up and away and heading to Petit Jean State Park. We arrived prior to 11:00 and headed to where Beth and family were set up. We spent about 30 minutes there visiting, playing with the dogs and Beth giving Sue her Mothers Day cards. Then we headed out to show P&B more of the park. We drove through Mather Lodge (which was covered up due to Mothers Day), to the overlook, back to Cedar Falls where we ran into the Laytons and two of their dogs. We got pictures of the Falls (which was flowing bigtime with all the rain), and all of our folks there. There is a great picture of Sue, Beth, Hannah and Katie with StanLee and Jarvis. Then Beth, Jeff and their entourage headed back to break camp and head home. We headed for the overlook and Petit Jean's gravesite after stopping at the Store for some ice cream. I got a picture of Pat out on the outcropping of rocks overlooking the Arkansas River valley. Then we headed down to Morrilton where we stopped at Subway for a late lunch. Then back to the park in LR for a little rest. I grilled chicken breasts with Pat while Sue and Bridget worked on salad, potatoes and bread.

Monday, Sue and I were up early and on our way to Conway. Beth's third treatment was set for mid morning. Sue stayed with Beth as Jeff had a phone conference and was unable to spend all the time there. I went to Beth's house and stayed with the dogs. Around noon, Sue texted Beth was having a reaction and Jeff went to CARTI. A little later Sue texted me that things had settled down and they had started the chemo again. The rest of the treatment went without incident. By late afternoon, Sue and Beth returned. Jeff had returned earlier after things got better. Around 4:00 we headed back to LR. By a little after 5:00 we were headed out for our last meal with P&B. We ended up at Trio's. Food was great and...so was the desert. Then back to the Bus for one last night of visiting. They headed out for bed around 10:00. It has been a great 10 days and we look forward to seeing them in Yuma on March 1st of next year.

On Tuesday, Sue and I were again up early and headed out to Morgan to meet Jeff and Katie. Since Beth had a treatment yesterday, we were going to take Katie to the Capitol for Governor Hutchinson to sign the Apraxia Awareness Day Proclamation. Hannah decided to come also and after Jeff was able to get there (there was a wreck closer to LR on the eastbound side of I-40 and had traffic backed up 6+ miles). They arrived on time though and we made the Capitol a little earlier than we had projected. We arrived in the Capitol and cleared security by 8:45. Around 9:20 they came down to get everyone. We went upstairs to a meeting room where the Governor was coming in to sign a couple of proclamations and have some pictures made. When he got to the Apraxia kids, he had an interesting conversation with Katie. Anyway, she ended up standing by the Governor during the kids picture and the group picture. It was a great experience. Then we raced back to Conway with the girls so they could get to school. We did though have to stop by Sonic for milk shakes. Then back to Beth's and the girls were whisked away to their schools. We waited for a while to get a package before we left for LR. We had a quick lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Then back to the Bus. We then had to break down our site set up and go dump the black tank. We were done and back in place and all set up by 6:00 p.m. Then we ordered pizza and prepared to watch NCIS. Now it is close to time for showers and bed. Hopefully, things will slow a little until Friday, when we move back to Toadsuck for our last 14 days in Arkansas for a little while. I am sure I now hear the shower calling me...

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