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The Cactus In Front Of The House We Stayed In

One week ago we were traveling north on I-17 when an engine warning stating there was excess pressure in the Diesel Particulant Filter and after about 25 miles the engine went into a limp mode and we had to find a service center. We wound up at the Rush Peterbilt in Flagstaff.

Marge and Ross checked into a motel/hotel for two nights when we were informed by the shop that this job was going to take some time. At the rate of $159 dollars per night we decided to climb into the pickup truck and head back to Phoenix where there was an empty house that charged us nothing. We did call our friends and they said we could stay at the house for as long as it would take to complete the repairs.

Yesterday Ross received an email from the shop telling us that the motorhome was repaired and ready to be picked up. The email arrived late afternoon so Ross called the shop and told them they would pick the motorhome on Tuesday. We both got up early this morning so we could wash the bed linen and be certain that everything was as it was when we arrived.

We left the house around 0730 and filled up the truck with Costco gasoline. We then headed north to Flagstaff, arriving around 0930. We were asked to take the motorhome for a check drive to be certain that no engine fault codes presented their ugly heads.

We had a lot of work to do to get the motorhome back in business so we moved all the stuff from the pickup truck into the motorhome. Ross finished re-installing the engine access cover located in the bedroom. We left the shop around 1130 and we drove about 40 miles to the Meteor Crater RV Park where we just finished getting everything in its place and we are now resting and about to begin preparing dinner.

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