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A much slower start today than on our previous days here in Vancouver.

In dribs and drabs, people emerged from their rooms and had breakfast. After Cheryl and I had ours, we went for a little walk as we didn’t need to be at the bus until just before 10 am. Once there we got onboard and met our driver, Danny - a very tall Jamaican man.

Last night, Jeff our TD had explained his seat rotation scheme - with us choosing our seat on Day 1 then rotating 3 seats clockwise every following day. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to be at the front of the bus during the tour.

Once seated, we set off for Stanley Park. Although C and I had visited on our own a few days ago, we still saw new things. It is a huge park with lots of walking trails as well as the Seawall path we walked on Friday, a golf range, a lawn bowls club, 3 beaches, children’s play areas, bike paths, lots of forest area as well as manicured gardens. We had a short, half hour stop near the totem poles and drove slowly around a lot of the other areas.

A short distance away is Prospect Point, a great lookout with views of the Lions Gate Bridge (which was built in the early 1900s by the Guinness family), Burrard Inlet and some of Canada Bay. We had another half an hour there before driving to Granville Island. Again, C and I had visited there on our own but it was good to have extra time there. This was our lunch stop so we had close on 2 hours there.

Before our final stop of the day - Capilano Suspension Bridge - we drove through Gastown, the old, original part of Vancouver.

At Capilano Bridge, we had a tour led by a nice young guide, Zac. He spoke about the origins of the bridge, the First Nations people who traditionally owned the land as well as the native flora and fauna. Then it was time to walk across the bridge! What fun! It swayed and was quite steep at the two ends. Once on the other side, Zac pointed out and talked more about the huge trees in this rainforest. He then left us to our own devices. Some of us chose to do the rainforest tree walk which had quite a few steps up into the tree canopy and about half a dozen smaller suspension bridges.

All too soon, it was time to get back on the bus and return to the hotel. By this time it was just after 5pm.

C and I had a cup of tea and a little relax before finding a nice lively Mexican restaurant where we had some tacos and empanadas (washed down with a glass of wine) for dinner. We meandered slowly back here to the hotel and have been organising our bags as we leave here tomorrow morning for 2 wonderful days on the Rocky Mountaineer.

Oh! I forgot to mention this morning’s entertainment! C dutifully locked her suitcase this morning- with the key securely inside it. A quick call to the lobby saw a nearly 7 foot tall fellow arrive at our door with enormous heavy duty bolt cutters. With only a small amount of difficulty, he snapped through the lock and the key was retrieved - not that it, any longer, had a lock to fit in! 𯘀

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