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The clock was pushed ahead another 1 hr last night and we are 12 hrs ahead of Florida, your today is our yesterday. It means we get up later every day and are down to two meals a day.

We watched a mini contest in the Windjammer cafeteria of who could haul the most dirty dishes at one time. Had our enrichment series on Cold cases. Listened to the passenger choir practice. They are NOT ready for America’s Got Talent. Progressive trivia was a blood bath of dare I say it......Cheating.

Last night we watched a four person string quartet, 3 violins and a bass fiddle, play everything from Bach and Elvis to The Devil Went down to Georgia. There was some comedy, audience participation, good vocals and even dancing.

We discovered that Diamond and Gold level RC cruisers have their own dining room.

If we ever cruise this long again we will take an extra suitcase with dominos, Yahtzee, 6 decks of cards for triple play, and a Pokeno mat. I am putting puzzles together on my IPad and at 240 pieces I must move them around with a Q- tip.

The 20 days ago I could only go up max 6 flights of stairs, now I can do 16. D has won probably 75% of our rummy and other card games. I’m not sure but I think I have have now talked to 50% of the passengers on this ship. I am rambling and a little grumpy. This is the third time I have tried to make an entry and was unable to save. The other two were much more interesting. Oh and D wants to adopt our room Stewart.

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