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Typical lunch stop on the Camino

Strolling in Pamplona

Famous arena for bull fighting in Pamplona

March of the pilgrims

Seen in The Way

its a weed

Free samples of wine and water

Downtown Estella

We just completed our first 6 days of the Camino. To date we have covered 121 kms. We have gotten into a daily routine which starts with meeting for breakfast at 7:30. Once brekkie is completed we haul our bags down to the hotel reception for them to be picked up and transported to the next destination. Its wheels up by 8:30 every morning and once we step outside the front door we queue our daily theme song: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers. We get a few funny looks but equal numbers who really think it is cool. We have been very fortunate with the weather so far. The days have been sunny and the nights cool with a bit of rain. We have only experienced a slight shower briefly one day during the six so far. The walk has been fantastic as we have encountered beautiful countrysides including wheat fields, vineyards, olive orchards and numerous other flowers and trees. Everyday we pass through quaint small towns and typically try and schedule a light lunch around mid day. The walk takes you through numerous elevation changes. We are finding that we much prefer to go up versus down. Harder from a cardio perspective to go up but going down a steep grade is harder on the legs. Fortunately all of us have stayed injury free to date (touch wood). The other thing that stands out on the Camino is the number of churches we have encountered--big ones, small ones, old ones, older ones and elaborate to simple ones. Every small town has one and the architecture is very impressive with influences by the Roman's and the Christians. It is on our list to take in a service along the way. On Wednesday our walk was only 15 kms from Akeretta to Pamploma. We arrived just after noon so we the entire afternoon and evening to explore this fabulous city. Pamploma is best know for the annual running of the bulls which takes place every July 7 - 14.

Once we reach our hotel at the end of our daily walk the hot showers are such a welcome relief. We typically shower, take a break and then head out for a cold beer or glass of wine. Dinner tends to be a bit later in the evening.

One of the cool experiences is the people you meet along the way. We have definitely noticed more pilgrims today but what is still remarkable is that you can strike up conversations with some or you can simply keep to yourself and carry on. Yesterday we met Wayne from Toronto and today we spent the better part of the day walking with him and then having dinner with him and another lady we met who is also from Toronto. By the end of the day we had a invitation to visit Wayne and his wife at the home in Portugal.

We are looking forward to the next 24 days of our amazing journey. Stay tuned!!

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