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Aldbury Village Pond


Bridgewater Monument 1

Monument 2

Monument 3


Trees 1

Trees 2

Thatched house

Aldbury Church

Church 3

Church 4

We're moored near the village of Tring today, with the sun shining it wasn't too bad for goiing through the locks (3 today).

We walked a mile into Aldbury which has the most old houses in a village we've seen so far. It is something out of Midsummer Murders. A lovely pond and a set of stocks from days gone by.

We walked through the village and having spotted the Bridgewater monument up on the hill decided to carry on and walk up to see it. The walk took us up a very steep section of woods - I think we'll know about it tomorrow with knee ache etc.

These poor trees are suffereing root damage from people walking on them so a fence has been erected around them for protection.

This lovely thatched roof house is in the middle of the village.

Once we had decended the hill from the monument we decided we needed refreshment so sat outside one of the 3 pubs in the village and supped our pints - Tony had a Fosters and I had a Cider.

Then we called into the Church on our way home.

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