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And it was still raining

All gates on the dam are OPEN

Way to Go Cat ! ! !

Garvin Woodland Gardens


Koi Pond


Bridget, Pat and Sue

The Peacock

Sunset after the first storm

It has been a week since I last posted. There are only two reasons that this occurs. One is there is nothing going on and the second is we are going so fast I am too tired to sit down and try to get everything added. In this case it is an example of one following the other. But, here is what has been going on with us...

Thursday: It rained all Wednesday night and the water was standing around the back of the Bus. Several inches standing. Ziva and I walked just as it stopped raining for a few minutes, and I got the picture of the dam gates being wide open and the river running full speed. The rain started again and we were again watching the water rise again. I went in mid afternoon back to Shoothouse to fire two of our pistols. I had a great time and managed to shoot about 135 rounds. I stopped by Beth's to pick up our mail and got the picture of the cat sitting behind the cage with the two new dogs (who had been out in the wet). Well the cat was not exactly sitting. As the dogs barked and jumped at her, she (the cat) would reach through the cage and slap at the puppies. It was really funny. I am not sure why she was slapping as she does not have any front claws...but...Then it was back to the Bus for dinner and to get ready to move out on Friday.

Friday: We were out by about 11:30 with tanks dumped and rolling. Since it was such a short drive, Sue drove the truck and I drove the Bus. We got to Maumelle Park and in our spot a little before 12:30 and started setting up. Pat and Bridget were here soon, as they had been out for a walk. We got all set up and then the catching up started. We worked on the satellite hookup but the trees kept the dish on top from getting a good connection. We were able to get a few channels but not all the time. We kept losing the signal. We decided to see if it got better or worse. We visited until time to go to dinner. We decided on Fu-Lin's for dinner. Great food and visit. Then back to the Bus for a well deserved early bedtime.

Saturday was a better day as most of the clouds were gone. We had a late breakfast and our goal was to go to Chuy's for an early dinner. We wanted to go on Saturday and miss crowds on Sunday (Cinco de Mayo). In the early afternoon we gave up on the Bus-mounted satellite dish and went to the portables. We have two different kinds. The first one has the ability to get the Eastern and Western arc and we finally got it hooked up to the Eastern arc. This is different than our usual hookup to the Western arc. Where we are located we cannot get the Western arc, and the second portable only gets the western arc. Then Pat offered to let us use his portable which is exactly like our first one. And SHAZAM, we were hooked up to both televisions with each having its own remote satellite dish. This was a major accomplishment because we have not been able to get this totally worked out before without having to run cables in the window and working around our internal cabling. We were ecstatic. Then it was time to head out for dinner. We ran by Joann's for Sue to chase something she needed for a project she has stared in the Bus. Then to Chuy's. Beth and Hannah joined us and we had a great time...and great food. Then back to the Bus and we visited with P & B until it was time for us all to turn in.

Sunday we made a trip to Garvin Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs. We left around 8:15 and arrived there a little after 9:30. There are a few pictures to show various things in the Gardens. Around 12:30 we had seen most all we needed to see and stopped at the Chipmonk Café for lunch. We all ordered sandwiches and Bridget added a small potato soup. We were all impressed, and the temperature and the outside tables made for a really unique setting and something we only get to experience in Arkansas for a few months out of every year. As we left the cafe and headed toward the Chapel, we heard a Cardinal that was frantic because a black snake was trying to get in her nest and eat her baby birds. We managed to get some limbs and bigger sticks to push the snake around and get it to the ground. Then we threw the heavier sticks at it until it was out of site. The Cardinal was very relieved. Then back to the Little Rock. We all rested for a little while and then we had a turkey Caesar salad for dinner. It was great and the fellowship was great. We even watched "When Calls the Heart" before coming back to the Bus and a well deserved night. We had walked just short of three miles at the Gardens and both Sue and I had walked Ziva well over a mile. Well deserved sleep.

Monday was another beautiful day. I started the day with a 7:40 endocrinologist appointment. Sue went with me and we had a good visit with the doctor. I will have to work a little harder on controlling my blood sugar. Then we had a quick breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then back to the Bus. I had a quickly scheduled meeting with Jackson at Buffalo Grill to discuss how things were going with him. Then back to the Bus by 1:30 and a quick rest. Pat went with me to Conway. I had to pick up Katie and get her to therapy. There is only a 20 minute window to pick her up and get her across town. We made it. Then it was back to Beth's to make sure someone was there when one of Beth's friends dropped off Hannah. We drove up and before we could get out Beth and Jeff drove up and before they could get out Beth's friend and Hannah were behind us. We got a quick update on her doctor visit, loaded up our packages and mail, and headed back to LR. We arrived back at Maumelle Park just in time to find out that Sue and Bridget had been working on dinner. Grilled shrimp, baked sweet potatoes, sautéed veggies and rolls. OMG...then I was tired and full. Again, we visited for a while and then it was time to head to the Bus. A little television, a late walk with Ziva, a quick trip to WalMart and bedtime.

Tuesday, we celebrated our 48th anniversary. I do not know how Sue has put up with me all these years, but I am thankful she has. We are hoping to try for 48 more...if she will keep me. We all headed for our dinner. We ended up at Saltgrass Steak House. Again, we had great food and service. It was almost embarrassing how much we all ate but we were wonderfully miserable. Then we walked over to the Outlet Mall and walked a little of our dinner off before heading back to the park. We took the long way and we were all ready to head for our rigs when we got back. Then it was: do we go to bed early or take and a nap in our chair and go to be late. It was a little bit of both. We had been fortunate to have three good weather days in a row. We knew it was going to change so we had gone as hard as we could for three days. Come on rain, we need a rest.

Wednesday, it was cloudy and there were a few small showers early, but the real rain would not be here until after noon. We had dentist appointments starting at 11:30 and we made those with ease. We left and it was just starting to sprinkle. Afterward, I picked up a sandwich at BackYard Burger and we headed to the Bus. Just as we pulled in we got a call from the dentist office and Sue had dropped her phone getting in the truck and it had been turned in to the dentist. We immediately headed back to pick up the phone. By the time we got back to the Bus it had really started to rain. We got in and prepared to stay. We decided to not go to Conway and pick up mail and packages as the rain and storms were really going strong. LR has had just over 2 inches so far. Water is standing everywhere here in the Park. It quit around 8:00 and I got Ziva out for a quick walk and got the picture of the bright sky just before sunset.

Now that catches up for the last week. You can see that maybe we have been more busy than bored over the last week. We both have doctors appointments tomorrow so we will not slow down much tomorrow. Now I am sure it has to be bedtime.

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