Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

Good morning from the Indian Ocean. I will complete yesterday even though it was another sea day and could put you to sleep since it is almost 10pm in Florida and 730am the next day in our floating hotel.

Something I forgot to mention earlier was at the start of the second voyage 3 men in hazmat suits looking very much like ghost busters, showed up with equipment to sanitize our room from D’s earlier 24 hour room incarceration. It must be a secret sauce because we could not smell any disinfectant when we returned.

At supper we were laughing so hard the head water comes over to make sure it is not about the food or that we’d had too many cocktails. This a case of my husband meeting his match with sarcastic humor and Susan giving it right back at him. The rest of us add the commentary. The asst. waiter, Jiangxi, tells the the head waiter these are just happy people make my job happy too, no cocktails.

They are our table mates because on the first day of the cruise we were the only 4 people left without a table assignment. They are from South Carolina, we worship differently, our politics are in opposition, our views of the world don’t match, and yet for 20 consecutive nights we have eaten together and enjoyed each other’s company.

Last night we went to see a new comedian that was on board. He was truly funny, no “F” bombs, reminded me of the Bob Hope a generation of clever, quick punch lines. Then we ended the night in the big theater for a group of four baritones who had all been in the production of Les Miserables on Broadway. They could sing anything from rock n’ roll to opera. They ended the show with Queens Bohemian Rhapsody. Told us it was the hardest song to sing live but they would give it a go. Wow! Not just them but the ships band was also able to make it a very memorable performance.

I am going to get ready for a presentation on Mumbai ( Bombay) India. See if I choose the right shore trip or must abandon it. The ticket says not for people who get motion sickness. Humm! we’ ll be on a bus.

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