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Red Rocks Ampihitheatre

Tickets for the Beatles

One of the plackes on the wall





Well we are back walking and looking at rock formations again...But what a surprise, at the elevation of 6400 ft... in the middle of Red Rock, the town built an amphitheater between the huge red rocks.

There was a visitor center that had all the bands names listed in a Performers Hall of Fame from 1906 till 2019 that had played there. There were two long walls with the year and name of band listed. I was so jealous looking at all the 1970s list of bands that performed. The Beetles, Elton John, James Taylor, The Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, John Denver, U2, The Grateful Dead.(performed 20Xs). Jimi Hendrix, Peter, Paul and Mary, Righteous Brothers, Johnny Cash and hundreds more. Red Rock was home to a ton of start up bands that are now very famous.

There were posters framed of many artists, the one that caught my attention was The Beetles 1964 concert tickets cost $6.50......is that not crazy? Side note, the concert was not a sell out.

The amphitheater holds 9525 people...Behind where the bands plays there are huge red rocks and along with both sides. It is the only occurring acoustically perfect amphitheater in the world.

Another interesting tidbit dinosaurs fossil fragments were discovered at this site along with a giant 40 ft sea serpent.

John Denver was from this area, he played here many times. Before each concert he would jog up and down the aisles to get ready to perform.

A footnote....Senator Gray Hart announced his campaign for president with a press conference at Red Rock...and how did that campaign go for him?

Oh one more thing...the amphitheater was the start and finish line of The Amaging Race 9

Finally...that’s all

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