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Coors Brewery


All the different beers the brew and for who





Golden, Colorado was our pick of the Day tour. Every aspect of making Coors is contained in several huge buildings. They recycle 99% of their waste. They even have an horticulture employee that oversee the growing of barley and oats in their own fields. They make their own cans, packaging, and labs that keep a check on the product for correct brewing and 50 people that taste test each batch of beer. Coors bought Miller Light (my personal favorite) they also have the largest number of copper brewing kettles in the world. They produce 11 other different beers and Coors is the second to the largest beer producer in US. In the middle of tour they give you a cup of the coolest beer I have ever had . The tour ended in a lounge where they gave us three more glasses of beer plus a glass mug. I was a happy camper when we left.

After we left Coors, we walked downtown for lunch. This is also a college town, home of Colorado School of Mines and The University of Colorado at Golden. It appears either your are a college student or work for Coors not much else there. But it is a cute town very artistic shops, restaurants and the ever popular Pot Shop on every corner.

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