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Madeira is called the island of flowers or the floating garden. The timing of my trip was specifically arranged so I could be in Madeira for its annual flower festival.

While there are many festival events over several weeks, the undoubted highlight is the flower parade, this year held on Sunday 5 May commencing at 4pm. I arrived early and snagged a front row position behind the barricades where I could get some great close-up shots. It took 3 hours for the entire parade to pass me. There were at least 15 flower decorated floats and at least 100 different groups, with well over a thousand people participating in the parade.

A glorious array of colours and a huge range of costumes. I think every little girl on this island must feel like a princess during the flower festival! I am so glad I took the opportunity to come here and experience this fabulous event.

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