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Week 32 4/22-28

Monday 22

A motor home came in today that had advertising painted on it for an online Real Estate company called Beamanbuyland.com (Be A Man Buy Land). The driver of it already had snap on covers to go over them and put them on without being asked.

Wednesday 24

Today we went parasailing. This was my first time and Margie’s second time. It was pretty cool and better than I expected. There were about 11 people on the boat. Three guys went up together followed by the four couples, two people at a time. The man in the older couple complimented me on my Trump hat and asked me where I got it. His wife told me that they live in Massachusetts and had to travel to another state to get any Trump related merchandise. When we got off the boat I gave each of them a Trump pin and one Trump pen. Then we started talking to a member of the boat crew who was also a supporter. So, I gave him a pen also. I could have given another one away but I only brought three with me. So, I hung on to the last one. We found a restaurant nearby called Red Fish Blue Fish. I had a drink called the Blue Fish. I also went to the sponge store and bought a sponge.

Thursday 25

The boss told us today that they had made a reservation at Benihana for us and them for tomorrow evening. He also offered to let us move to one of the best sites in the resort for our last few days.

I got the after-hours phone because they were going out boating with some friends. Then the day began to turn bad.

One renter was supposed to move one space over for one more day. Of course they wait until almost checkout time to begin. When I asked the wife if they were ready to leave she asked me when the next people were due in. I did not answer that question and only told her that checkout time was 11 and we would still need to clean the site for the next arrival. Of course their motor home wouldn’t start. So, now we had to make a contingency plan for the people who were arriving for that site later. We ended up putting them in another site and they were very nice and understanding. Even though the site was not as nice as the one they were supposed to have they didn’t care and were just happy to have a spot.

We had another arrival today that had a trailer on the back of his motor home with scooters and a golf cart. Rule number 20 of the resort policies says that there are to be no trailers of any kind taken to the sites. I told the driver of the motor home that I would be taking him to the storage area for him to drop his trailer before taking him to his site. His response was that, no he would be taking his trailer down to the site to unload first and then I would bring the tractor down and take the trailer to the storage area. Obviously this man is used to getting his way. If he had been an owner, that may have been OK. I knew he was not an owner, but just to verify I asked him. He said no he wasn’t an owner. So, with that I told him that we would be doing it my way. He continued to argue his point and saying it was done that way in the past, which I disagreed with. When he described the things he needed to unload, such as scooters, I told him that he could unload them in the storage area and ride them down to his site. Then he just grumbled that that was stupid. At this point the conversation was over and I had to leave to take care of the people we were putting in the different site who had also arrived at this time. Margie arrived and I escorted them to their new site. Margie obviously was having trouble with the same guy and called me to come back. However, after I parked the people I noticed that the motor home that wouldn’t start was now running. So, I went there and assisted them with moving to the site they were supposed to move to. By the time I got back to the gate Mr. uncooperative was in the storage area unloading his trailer. We also found out that his wife was no better with the office staff.

Then one of the owners came in without warning and parked on a friend’s site because his was rented.

An owner of another site had a large homemade Jenga game on his site that I had to box up and remove.

Friday 26

The boss said that we could move to the new site whenever we were ready. Our replacements arrived today and they were put on regular site until the Workamper site was ready for them.

When a motor home arrived today the driver told me he had a problem. Wherever he unhooked his towed car it would have to sit there until he could get it jumped as the battery was dead. So, I said how about if I take you inside the resort to unhook and while you’re doing that I will get our jump pack to jump your car. He said that would work. We got his car started but then found out the battery was dead due to a bad connection on the battery. He was able to put a screw between the post and the clamp on the battery to make the connection work.

We went to dinner at Benihana’s and at the end of it our boss gave each of us $100 shell gift cards. Now I don’t know if that was a very nice gesture or just his way of making sure that we got the hell out of there.

Saturday 27th

Margie got $41 more from the fellow who rents and delivers kayaks. So, the total he has given us is $121, in his words for helping him out so much. We really didn’t do that much.

I also got $10 more for parking someone today.

The new permanent local employee told Margie that he has never quit a job and he told her that he has never been fired. That would mean that he should still be working at his first job. Maybe he meant he’s never walked away from a job.

We moved to our new site today. This site would cost anyone else $350 per night and we are getting it for free. We were also told that there was no rush for us to leave.

An arrival today could not figure out how to get his towed vehicle back into driving mode and I loaned him my cell phone to look on line for the instructions. Since I let him use my phone the other employee split his $10 tip with me.

I also got another $20 tip for parking someone and trimming some vegetation next to their motor home.

That night I walked out onto the dock of our new site. It was very dark but the edges of the walkway are lighted. However, there were no lights to let you know there were two steps, which I promptly fell down and skinned my knee. At least I didn’t fall into the water. We are thoroughly enjoying the new site.

Sunday 28th

I got another $5 tip from retired Chicago area cop.

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