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Week 31 4/15-21

Monday 15

We helped an owner put a boat in his storage trailer. That was interesting, since it just barely fit in the trailer. We had to push it to the point where the cable from the winch inside the trailer could be attached and take over pulling while we just guided it.

Tuesday 16

We went out with the owner in his boat. He showed us several areas including taking us out to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. All of the waterways around here are connected to the gulf or the ocean but they don’t really consider all areas the gulf or ocean since they have other names like Sammy’s creek and such.

Then we went and found some Geocaches before eating at a restaurant called 0 Duval where I had a Lobster BLT and Margie had a fish basket.

Then we went shopping where I got another positive comment about my hat. I wasn’t able to meet up with the person again to give him a pin or a pen.

Thursday 18

When I was checking one of the sites that had been vacated the power wasn’t on. I finally found that a breaker had been turned off that shouldn’t have. Inside the breaker box was four breakers. Two of them were labeled A and B. There was also a label that clearly said “Never turn off A.” If you encountered that what would you do? Well the last person in the site turned off A. I do not understand the stupidity of people.

Friday 19

I got a $9 tip for moving a person from one site to another. The sites were only three apart and the move was really easy to accomplish.

The boss called a mandatory safety meeting for 4:30. I thought it was just his way of calling us on the carpet. I know we had been congregating and talking together more than usual. However, when we were all assembled he brought out a bottle of rum and had anyone who wanted one to make themselves a drink. Then he said we were done working for Good Friday and we just sat around and talked. He also announced that the part time worker was quitting and tomorrow will be her last day. Margie and I were also mentioned. He told everyone that our last day was coming up also. Our last scheduled day is Monday the 29th of April. I had a couple of fairly stiff drinks. After everyone else left I was able to ask him what it was that made him contact us for this job. He corroborated that the fact that I had put in our resume on Workamper.com that we had no pets and didn’t smoke was a big factor. We find it hard to believe, but it was said during the meeting that we were the first Workampers to stay for their whole season/contract. I do know that some were let go early and we were told that at least one set left in the middle of the night. I don’t understand it, since the work is not hard and the boss isn’t hard to work for. We had an arrival that was going to be late and not get here until about six. I thought the boss was going to park them, but instead of going to our site after the meeting I went where I could see the gate and the boss called on the radio to see if I was going to bring them in. Margie then called on the radio to see if I was going to be able to bring them in. She knew that I had had the two drinks. I told her I was fine. I brought them in without any incident and I got a $20 tip from them.

Later that evening a big storm came through with thunder, lightning, and heavy rain. Margie could see out our window and saw sparks fly when the power went out. The power company got here quick and had the power on before too long. Our inverter worked just like it was supposed to and kept our lights on.

Saturday 20

After work we finally headed down to the sunset celebration that happens every day at Mallory Square.

We watched the sunset and the street performers. Margie had popcorn and I had a corn on the cob. There wasn’t as much food as I expected, so we ended up going to the Rooftop Café after sunset. We got a table outside on the porch like area next to the railing. As the name implies this area was on the second floor of the building. However, before we were seated two guys came up to the hostess stand. One was pretty big with several tattoos and said that they had a reservation for outside. The hostess told him that they didn’t make reservations for specific areas, such as, outside but did ask him if that is where they wanted to sit. Instead of understanding that an outside table was available that he could have, he just focused on the fact that she told him they don’t make reservations for outside specifically. He then began being belligerent and argumentative with her and began insulting her telling her she should not be in customer service and she was being very rude. Then he told her that he had changed his mind and did not even want to eat there anymore. The whole time the hostess was much nicer to him than he deserved. As we were being taken to our table OUTSIDE, we walked between the idiot and the hostess counter. It was at this time Margie put the asshole in his place and told him that he was the one who was being rude. We think he may have just been showing off for his boyfriend. So, in the end we, who did not even have any reservation, had a meal outside on the balcony/roof. The idiot who had a reservation and wanted to eat on the balcony area went away to eat somewhere else.

Sunday 21 Easter

Since it is Easter, we only have to work one hour for trash pickup. However, a guest had a boat in the water yesterday so I couldn’t stage his trailer for him to hook it up to his motor home this morning when he was leaving. So, we made one trash run and I stopped in and set up a 9AM meeting with him at the boat ramp. Margie made the second trash run by herself and I got on the tractor and moved his boat trailer into the water. He ended up arriving at almost exactly 9AM to put the boat on the trailer. I moved it to the water hose area so he could flush and clean it before leaving. I left and came back a while later when he was finished and moved it to a location where he could hook up to it. He ended up giving me a $20 tip. When I left the boat at the water hose I saw one of the owners really looking into our site so I contacted her. Since we were only working the hour I was not wearing my uniform shirt and I don’t think she realized at first who I was. When she did she said she was looking for Margie. She had given Margie some food they were getting rid of and now she had some more because they were getting ready to leave. I took three bags of various sizes from her. There was garlic bread, some kind of frozen veggie spirals that I think are supposed to make you think you’re eating pasta, frozen blueberry pancakes, several different types of potatoes, onions, lemon thin Oreos, white chocolate covered Oreos, cranberry juice, fruit cups, and several bottled waters. The stuff she gave Margie before was several single servings of chocolate milk, Gatorade, diet Pepsi, chicken, ground ham/sausage mix, several ginger ales, and frozen waffles.

We found out today that the sailboat that caused the power outage the other day had actually broken away from it’s mooring when it got entangled in the power lines.

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