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Saturday morning football on the beach

local tennis club

fancy dinner

dinner continued

dinner continued

dinner continued

Sunny and Trish at Urgull Park

View from Monte Urgull


San Sebastian at night

Pintxos - so great

love this sign

Old Town


A small steak at Atari - yum yum


We finished our stay in Amsterdam with a long travel day. It started with a two hour to Barcelona followed by a 6 hour layover in the very modern airport. We then had a short one hour flight to San Sebastian. The San Sebastian airport is small and quaint and similar to YVR as there were very few taxis when we arrived at the airport. We witnessed a "cat fight" after two young Japanese women hailed a taxi despite the fact that they were from the back of a long line of people. We opted not to wait for a taxi and decided to take a local bus into the city centre. Traveling on a full city bus with lots of luggage is an interesting experience. After a half hour ride we arrived in the heart of San Sebastian. From the bus stop we walked to a nearby hotel and ordered a taxi. We had to pick up our keys downtown before heading to our apartment. The look on the cab drivers face when we told him where we were going, which was less than a five minute drive was priceless. We made sure to give him a good tip so it all ended well.

We had a really nice two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a wrap around terrace which overlooked the beach. The town is located seaside with a beautiful inlet. They have built a great boardwalk for walking, running and cycling. Even with the cooler weather, many people were swimming, paddle boarding a kayaking. Just off the beach, there was a well maintained tennis facility with both indoor and outdoor courts. On Saturday morning the beach was filled with children playing soccer.

We were a short 15 minute walk to old town which has a really lively and cool vibe. The food and wine were one of highlights of the stay. If you love good food, San Sebastian is a necessary destination. They are known for their pintxos and wine and also have several Michelin star restaurants. There are numerous restaurants which serve pintxos. The pintxos are small snacks which are typically set up on the bar and people can select from a wide variety of meats, breads, olives. People stand to eat at the bar or at a high top table lasting into the wee hours of the morning. The wine was favorably priced at about 2 euros per glass, which was cheaper than a glass of Coke Light! Too bad for Sunny as the antibiotics she was taking for her root canal did not allow her to sample any of the vino and she was still limited to softer foods. Some highlights of restaurants for us were: Atari for the most delicious steak dinner, SiriMiri and Bar Ganbara for pintxos.

Our first full day in San Sebastian included a really enjoyable hike up to Mont Urgull which is located at one end of La Concha Bay. The top of Monte Urgull provides a spectacular panoramic view of San Sebastian.

On our way out to dinner on our final night, we ran into Preston Emerson who does photography for the Vancouver Marathon Society. Talk about a small world. Even though we all loved San Sebastian, it was time to move on to our next location as any more time wining and dining would have resulted in serious weight gain!

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