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We shared our coffee and I ate a small breakfast of oatmeal before going to do my “guide” duties. When I opened the door to the RV I could hear the kids yelling and having fun as they waited for a tour.

The tour went quite well as the teacher seemed to have great control of the second grade class. I’m sure the students all had a good time as I did myself.

I had a break of more than one hour before my second tour so I took advantage of that and ate a lite lunch. I nearly made a bad mistake when I closed my eyes for “just a moment”. When I opened my eyes again I had a tour beginning in ten minutes.

I hurried across the street and was told that my tour group was being called in at that time. No problem! LOL

This tour group was a lot of fun. They were third grade kids and we interacted just fine. I had the kids and grownups alike laughing and having a good time as I related the story of Tom & Becky getting lost in the cave from Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

When I had finished for the day I had time to relax before Marilyn & I went to see a home here in Hannibal. This home was very nice and well cared for but was very dated and would need some rehab work. We are thinking about it but really want Shane to build us a house. If only we had a lot to build on. Sigh……..

We are confident that things will work out because we know that Life is Good!

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