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I know this summer folks here in Arkansas will be begging for rain...but for right now, there has been too much. I think April ended up about 10 inches above normal. And from the looks of the standing water that was around the Bus this morning (from the time I got up until after lunch) there were at least three to four inches up on the rear passenger tires. We have been busy when it was not raining and then having trouble staying awake when it was raining.

Monday we started off slowly and awaiting Beth's report on her Strep Throat. The doctor decided to start her on antibiotics though just to be safe. Since we spent the weekend around her, we have kept a low profile in case we were exposed. By noon we had heard from Beth and we prepared to go to Chainwheel in LR to get our bicycles. A stop at the storage unit to get the other bike rack and then to LR. We loaded up the bikes and got them back, loaded on the back of the Bus and locked down. We got the cover on and everything zipped up. Then back to the storage unit and to leave the bike rack and make it to school to pick up Hannah. Then a quick visit with Beth and Jeff. I ran to Whole Hog and got dinner. We left them with their dinner and we headed to the Bus to have our dinner. Great dinner! ! ! Then a little television and bedtime.

Tuesday we were up and going a little earlier today. We did not do anything special and about lunch time I started getting everything we have had set up for about three weeks broke down and packed up. Rain was in the forecast and while I was packing up everything I had a couple of sprinkles and some rumbling thunder. I got the CLAM broke down, packed up and in the bag. Then the ground tarp that serves as the floor of the CLAM. Then the zero gravity chairs and three different chairs. Now since they had been out for three weeks they were covered in yellow green pollen. I am not sure which was the hardest portion of the packing up process, packing or cleaning, but anyway it was an entire afternoon getting everything back in its bag and in the bed of the truck. After resting a few minutes we then headed to Sam's for a quick stop and then back to the Bus for Sue to fix us up a tamale pie. It was great! ! !

It was NCIS night and preparing for the incoming storms. There were several that moved through during the night (the last at 7:15 this morning) and it was really hard to get up at a normal time. It RAINED hard most of the time until early afternoon. I was out twice this afternoon and Sue went with me on the second outing to Beth's. I am going to pick up Katie on Monday and take her to therapy while Beth and Jeff are at a doctors appointment. I had to have a training run so I would not mess everything up Monday. Then it was back to the Bus for some left over Whole Hog. OMG...it was good again. Now this quick update and get ready for bed. We move on Friday and head for Maumelle Park for two weeks. Ten of those days will be next to Pat and Bridget. We are really looking forward to seeing them again. And hopefully, no more rain tonight..but it is in the forecast for the next three days. Just what we need...more RAIN.

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