John and Janet 2019 Louisiana travel blog


It’s a travel day. We are relocating to Lafayette. It’s less than an hour away but it is in the right direction. We have some city chores to take care of.

The hinge on John’s computer has broken. The computer still works. At home, he would just leave it open. We decide it is time to invest in a new computer. Our first stop is Best Buy.

We get a knowledgeable sales person. We put the computer on our Best Buy card.

Our next stop is Walmart. We are low on supplies. We leave Walmart and see an Albertsons. They have better salad items.

We head to the KOA and check in by 1:00. John finds a bin of Mardi Gras beads at bargain price. They were collected at the last Mardi Gras. Proceeds go to KOA’s Kids Camp.

The KOA has a large pond. Maybe John can fish.

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