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We are still 36 hrs from Dubai. Today none of the elevators worked on our side of the ship. The walk to the second set is just a couple of blocks away. There is wood patterned contact paper over the second set of floor choice panels in each elevator. Rumor has it new panels have been ordered and sent to Dubai so they can be replaced. The elevator drop was recorded and shown on Australian TV yesterday.

Our safe screamed ERROR-ERROR this morning! Called maintenance who told us to call housekeeping. Twenty minutes later a man arrived with a gun, shot a ray at it and it popped open. All he said was reset it. The good news is the internet appears to be working again. About as fast as dial up.

This ship was built specifically for the Asian market it appears we are the lab rats being used till it arrives in Shanghai to test the elevators and noise levels.

There are no $10 t-shirt sales on this ship but a half price sale on $98 Mini wallets and purses starting at $430 to $3000. The price of a watch could pay off someone’s mortgage. A jewelry store where only a Kardashian could shop and apparently the Chinese. The pharmacy sells items in bulk. Everyone needs 3 full size bottles of mouth wash. There are 3 specialty Chinese restaurants and 1 Japanese. The buffet has a noodle bar open all three meal times.

Enough of my moaning and complaining on to the good stuff. We heard a really informative and funny lecture about Dubai. This couple has no filter about travel mis-haps. My life long dream of taking belly dancing happened today and will happen again tomorrow. Bucket list has a new smiley face. In the dining room we laughed and talked so long other people joined us and finally we were told “Have a nice evening”. Which was said with a smile and meant GET OUT! The passenger choir was a hoot. Tomorrow is Lobster night. At dinner I remembered how to fold my napkin into a palm tree and today I was told my Chinese paper cutting was perfect. I am never happier than with a scissors in my hand.

Love getting your email responses to the blog. I try to respond to each of them when the internet cooperates. Yes , Alice I’m sure arm rest cage wrestling will be in the 2020 Olympic’s.

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