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Well we’ve been in the marina now nearly four weeks. We’ve spent time on each boat and have “lived” on No. 2 for nearly half of this time. She’s very different to No. 1 – layout and size. She’s comfortable (will need little modification/alteration) and will be “home” for quite a number of years to come.

During this time we have caught up with Gwen and Pete, which has been great. We’ve BBQ’d, had a galettes Sunday (as we used to back in MdR (Sicily), and enjoyed drinks at the Blue cafe/bar. Pete and Keri (from Levkas) came and stayed on No. 2 over Greek Orthodox Easter (a week later than Christian Easter. Over this weekend we went into Corfu town and witnessed Easter Sunday parade and enjoyed a wonderful drive around the northern part of the island. We were blessed with wonderful weather.

During this time we undertook a sea trial on No. 2. Gwen and Pete joined us. She’s a dream and very very different to No. 1. You can definitely feel that she is heavier (nearly double the weight of No. 1) and glides through the water (it was a calm day). Pressed all the buttons, which work (yay!!!! but bad news for bingo wings), let out the sails (even though no wind) and all good – the main appears to be brand new, and we anchored briefly. Very happy with the results. A couple of things need to be fixed but nothing major.

Gen built a frame to carry two solar panels – did a fantastic job.

Towards the end of out stay we moved No. 1 next to No. 2 and Gen continued to transfer items. No. 1 now bobs around as there’s very little left on her. Everyone said we’d quickly fill up the lockers on No. 2.

So now, in the last couple of days we are starting to concentrate on getting No. 1 ready for passage – which we are so looking forward to.

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