Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

This ship came out of shipyard from Miami with about 1000 contractors who sailed with it to Barcelona. One of them told me, while standing in line for passport pickup, about 400 stayed aboard when it set sail. We have had an elevator drop two floors with people on it. But were told the emergency brakes did their job. The Wind Jammer Buffett has several traveling leaks from the ceiling. Floor six has diesel fumes causing respiratory problems, which are the inside rooms with no balcony. We are almost at the end of of deck 7 toward the front of the ship so we enjoy every rehearsal and live show that takes place in the main theater if we’re in our room. There is a bit of a passenger revolt in the air.

Yesterday the Battle of the Sexes Trivia a passionate debate on question #5 took place. What is a fifth wheel? There was the answer Camper trailer that attaches to a truck hitch, which we were told was wrong. The hitch it’s self that someone threw in the word Lawery, and the Aussies insisted it was the spare tire in the trunk. Such a lively discussion took place with iPad photos of campers, google with hitches, and slang for spare tires that the very question was thrown out. The women are still behind.

We have learned several new card games. I can fold napkins, make Origami bags, birds, and flowers. A choir of passengers has formed and will perform tonight. 60 people showed up for adult coloring. If we don’t dock soon we will be playing jacks, marbles, and jumping rope. D is good with all this and very well rested I might add.

Five days at Sea tells me not to ever take a transatlantic cruise.

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