Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

This is our second Sea day and we have entered the Gulf of Aden. The ship had their code word “Safe Haven” drill which means we must be in the center of the ship or nside passageways outside our rooms. No where there are windows and we are not allowed to have our balcony drapes open at night. That also applies to anywhere outside on the ship till May 2nd when we reach Dubai. They will be handing out our passports tomorrow. Dubai wants face to face immigration with everyone.

We have played cards, trivia, made Origami winged hearts, watched four comedians, a Whitney Houston tribute, and tonight a HUGE production of Showgirls, past present and future. The cruise director said that no birds were harmed for the show and let me say there were a generous amount of feathers on every costume. It had 29 singers and dancers and was ready for Vegas.

The “ pool people “ from many of the cold northern countries now have skin the color of lobsters. A small percentage of the men wear speedos and fall asleep on their backs. Not a good look, nuff said.

D and I participated in Win, Lose or Draw and-it turns out he’s not a bad artist. Too bad he was on the other team.

They had “crazy scavenger hunt” yesterday. They divide the room into two teams and ask for things like a wet bathing suit, false teeth, sun lotion, a purple t-shirt ,a pen with a logo, person with red hair. Which you must pile on your side of the room. People are taking clothes off, handing over teeth, digging through purses and pockets, sending people to their room to fetch things. It was chaotic but really funny too.

Tomorrow will be our third Sea day I can only imagine what we could be participating in.

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