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Finally left Albuquerque and crossed the line into Arizona. We are on...

First stop - Winslow, AZ

Camped at McHood Resevoir fro 4/25 thu 4/29 w/ Usa & NM...

Another view of this free campsite, The poles pn the ladder are...

View of a corner of the lake from inside our coach.

Standing on the Corner info sign on 2nd & Kingsley

A beauty & her dog singing along w/ the Eagles

A dude and his truck. (not)

Sue with some guy.

Yep - takin' it easy.

End of Day 1 w/a beautiful AZ sunset

First of many campfires to come.

Day 2 - Stopped at Indian Gift Shop named Geronimo on way...

So-named The Largest Petrified Tree in the World. (in pieces spread around...

Jim and the Tree

We think this was once a TP motel stop along Rt 66...

The remains of a a covered wagon looked authentic.

Entering the south entrance of the park

The forest dates back 225 million years. See narrative for a full...

Amazing & beautiful



View of vast valley strewn with tree fragments



View of the Painted Desert

Teepees at another tourist trap along Interstate 40

Official weather station of Native Americans

Watch out behind you Sue. It's scary out here.

Photo ofOld roadsode for Winslow hotel

La Posada Hotel - a Fred Harvey Hotel catering to railroad travelers

La Posada

Breakfast in the Turguoise Room -yummie

Enjoying the ambiance with a morning Mimosa

The rear veranda

Agua garden

Front entrance memorial sign

Contemplation Garden

Rear yard between hotel and railroad tracks

Train viewing

Arriving freight train with Flagstaff's San Francisco Mtn in background.

Interior hallway of hotel

Guest room hallway

Art gallery on second floor

under-stated gift shop

A couple of jackasses

Two of the three voyagers after their maiden trip an inflatable kayak.

We're on our way, finally.

The house closed on April 10th without any problems. The hardest part was getting rid of, storing or sqeezing in all the final stuff from the house. We ended up with a 5ft X 5ft storage unit with everything else we still own crammed into the RV.

All tat was left to do was see two more healthcare providers. All went smoothly with follow-up appts made for late October 2019 during our next pass through Albuquerque.

We were set to leave town on April 22, the day after Easter having a lovely dinner with friends.

BUT, a week before Jim started having some tooth pain and decided to visit the dentist to make sure we didn't hit the road in pain far from a dentist. Turns out he needed two teeth on the lower right that had previous root canal work te be cleaned up from some surface decay and crowns added to both teeth. Additionally, he was referred to an oral surgeon to pull one, maybe two, teeth on the upper right of his mouth due to an underlying infection of teeth that also were previously root canaled. The oral surgeon was fantastic and tried to take care of things so we could still make the deadline of April 22 to leave.

No go, one tooth was extracted and healed well but that underlying infection just would not go away. After a series of Amoxicillom, he had to switch me to stronger Augmentan. This delayed us a few days however we were released to go on Thursday April 25.

We headed to Winslow, Arizona to a city owned campground at McHood Resevoir which has designated RV camping sites but no electicity, water, or sewer. No problem there as we are totally self-contained with water, electricity and holding tanks to last several days. We plan on leaving here tomorrow and head to Flagstaff, AZ just down the road a bit where we will stay at a brewery that offers free camping to passing RVers that belong to a club called Harvest Hosts. If you recall we stayed at a winery doing this also in Deming NM when traveling to and from Tuscon.

Here in Winslow, we did the "Standing on the Corner in Winslow Arizona" thing. Had a delicious Chocolate Soda as we watched other tourist do their thing on the corner. Then had a nice campfire to end the first day.

On Friday, we left the camper at the resevoir and took the jeep back to the Petrified Forest National Park. We enetred through the south entrance and drove through the entire park exiting through the north entrance.

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