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Pulling in to the condo, ahhhh.

We had nice weather for travelling on the 25th. It was a short drive (120ish miles) from Santee State Park back to the condo. We have been on the road for 11 months an it sure seems nice to have a little more room to stretch out in! Bentley has only lived in the motorhome, and he too seems happy to have more space. …. and ya don't need quarters to run the washer and dryer here! LOL

We emptied the motorhome fridge and "pantry" and were surprised to find how much food we had been travelling with!! But, hey, ya don't want to go hungry either!

Now it will be beach time followed giving the motorhome a good cleaning and getting it serviced and ready for future travels.

2-Ole-Buddies + Bentley

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