We sit in the morning sun having coffee

Having coffee watching the birds, squirrels and fish.

They have a wonderful little pond with fish, frogs and turtles

So serene

From the Palisades Park escarpment overlooking the valley

Brilliant! Don’t cut trees down to the ground if their not in...

The Horton Mill Bridge built in 1934

It’s a long one...

As it turned out four of us RV’s parked next to each other all left Hidden Cove just about the same time. We are all heading in a different direction! The time we spent with each other was terrific, now it’s time for yet another adventure! You know that’s exactly what this Full Time RV lifestyle gives you, if you let it, one adventure after another and one big huge thrilling life filled with wonder, excitement and fulfillment. And our drive this day is only 67 miles, landing us at our friends (The Dobbs) property in the country. It’s been about a year and a half since we’ve been here. Sorry to say they only have two RV spots, and one is filled with theirs!

One afternoon we took a short ride to what is a county park, The Palisade Park. A beautiful area and very popular with locals. It sits on the top of an escarpment with a shear rock cliff on one end and a gradual rise of hillside on the other end of the park. They have everything here for picnics and day outings from tables, event buildings to rent and even permits for the hearty individuals who want to repel down the rock face. Not far from the Palisades Park was a covered bridge, The Horton Mill Bridge, built in 1934 still shuttling small cars and pickups over a creek. We enjoyed the drive through it as there were many carved initials and painted inscriptions!

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