Like the sign says, to the Natural Bridge

Sign on the Highway inviting you to come on in.

The arch leading you to the parking lot...

Oh what a beautiful property they have.

A little history of the area.

The rest of the story

Park your vehicle then go to the office pay your admission fee...

Two trails will take you either 100 yards or 1 mile to...

We sure like a long walk in the forest

Anytime we can we’ll take the long route.

As you approach the natural bridge it’s size makes itself apparent, it’s...

the perimeter of the underside is a trail with rails to hold...

Water is dripping from the ceiling and glistens in the sun...

From the back wall looking out the trees are framed by the...

The rock formations are so wonderful to see

This is the outside wall of another cave area within the park.

Along the walk

Along the trail

Inside the gift store

Inside the gift store

Pay your fees here, inside the gift store

Relax on the nice patio area

The patio has shade, quiet, and butterflies

Walk along the creek, a very inviting place

When our Tiffin service center visit was finished we headed down the road to our next stop which was only 120 miles. We had to drive in the rain but it was such a short distance it didn’t bother Dave’s nerves too bad. Hidden Cove is a small Thousand Trails park of about 64 spaces and sits on the edge of the Smith Lake. The park is only five miles from the town of Arley. Though our reservations were originally for three days we asked if we could extend to five and they were able to let us. For this stop we had some good neighbors, whom we invited over in the evenings. Lots of great conversations and laughter each time!

One day, we struck out to see the Natural Bridge of Alabama which is about 35 miles from the RV Park. This natural bridge is a sandstone arch spanning 150 feet long and over 60 high. This wonderful and interesting landform was created by an underwater river roughly 200 million years ago. Creek Indians originally lived in the area. Both Southern and Northern soldiers came thru the area during the Civil War. We saw in the surrounding forest a wide variety of trees, many ferns and very old hemlock trees. One of the neatest things was the variety of butterflies. We really enjoyed watching the different colors of butterflies and observing their behavior. This wonderous little piece of natural geology is easy to find along US Hwy 278. And the admission price is only $3.50 per adult. This Natural Bridge is privately owned, so it doesn’t get public monies and is kept in good condition. There are two routes to follow, a 100 yard route to the Natural Bridge and a one mile route through the forested trail to the Natural Bridge. As a word of caution, if one has mobility issues any walk past the 100 yard distance will be challenging as there are exposed tree roots and stones. The area is beautiful and serene to walk with many little creek crossings and more.

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