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Once our coffee was finished off I made myself ready to lead a tour of the cave. I had a very good group of students, parents, and teachers from a town near Springfield, Illinois. This was truly an outstanding group, interested, attentive, and followed directions. The tour went very well and was enjoyable for everyone involved.

I returned to the RV as soon as the tour ended. Marilyn was ready to go to the Clinic for a test relating to her heart issues. I changed my shirt and was ready to go. Marilyn's procedure went just fine but we won't know the result until we hear from the doctor.

It was well after lunch time when we found time grab a sandwich at "Subway" and took it home to share.

Shane, who is looking for a lot to build a house for us, had mentioned that several lots were available in Perry, Missouri. Perry is about 40 miles away from Hannibal so Marilyn & I drove there and explored the small town, looking at lots and houses.

We were only ten miles from the "Rustic Oak" restaurant where we were meeting friends Bob & Janet and Bill & Deb and we drove there, arriving ahead of our friends.

They arrived a few minutes after Marilyn & I were seated and we all enjoyed conversation with our meals.

When we left the restaurant we all noticed very dark clouds approaching from the north and west. The sky appeared to have a green tint which indicates the possiblity of hail to us.

We quickly bid our friends farewell and headed home.

The rain began within a mile or so and we drove in driving rain and strong, gusting wind. It sure felt good to arrive at the Campground and to get indoors to the comfort of the fireplace.

Life is Good!

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