Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

In the morning a ribbon of light appears like a florescent light bulb above the black out curtains. Daylight comes about 6:15am.

There is a hot pot that boils water in our room and two coffee cups. The ship supplies 10 different kinds tea bags but no coffee. In Greece we bought Nescafé Classic. The label said “ Doppio Filtro, Gusto Intenso” translated “Duel Filter, intense flavor” Turns out it is so intense it will make your hair stand on end if you use the recommended amount of 2 teaspoons. Holy Caffeine! Your eyes dilate and you feel like you have just been tazed. We cut it back to 1/2 teaspoon in 6 oz of water and it’s ok. Nice to have coffee in the room before we take off for the day.

Something else has reappeared in the buffet. Vegemite, it’s something the Aussies love to eat on toast. They have it in small individual tubs like peanut butter or cream cheese. It is thick black Australian food spread made from left over brewers yeast extract. Think sour beer turned to paste. We always know who just gave it a try from the expression on their face. The same one people make taking caster oil.

Tonight the talent was a Juggler/Comedian. This is the 3rd Vegas act we have seen and they are all good entertainers. But it is like Vegas a float.

Almost every other night we get a special gift from one of the ships departments as a maiden voyage souvenir. Insulated cups, hats, key chains and tonight it was slinky’s with the Royal Caribbean logo on them. They were from Adventure Ocean the Children’s department.

I am not sure yet but I think there is a Trivia Mafia aboard. They study together and are memorizing phobias, countries flags and capitals.They want to win all the RC pens and lanyards.

Tomorrow we arrive in Egypt and will enter the Suez Canal.

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