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Our spot for two nights, Mike loads the bus with the groceries...

Parked to unload those groceries and a few other things we'll want...

Here is an almost the end of the trip posting... we are on the last leg of our 5 year travels and a really long 18 days of being on he road after leaving Arizona.

Lets go back to where we left off in our previous posting... where we are visiting family on the Easter weekend. Since all the beds were full at Michelle's Sister/Niece's place, we parked the bus at the local Walmart a couple of blocks away. We called ahead to seek permission from Walmart and we were given the A-Okay. So we had a place to sleep for two nights there, but during the second night around 3am, a large power-wash truck pulled up behind us and cleaned sidewalks and such for an hour. Then an hour later a street sweeper drove around us cleaning the parking lot which caused Mike, being a light sleeper, to get up early, surprise, surprise. The thing about parking at Walmart is, you're doing what's called Boondocking - without any connections to water, sewer or power. So we would have been without TV or anything, but Mike was sly and parked next to a lamp post which just happened to have an electrical outlet begging to be used. This wasn't the first time we boondocked, last time was when we over nighted in Wawa, Ontario during our first year on the road.

So Easter was full of great family time, food, lots of food and a chance to rest. Many thanks to S&S for your hospitality and having us in.

Our last day on the road, had us pulling out of Whitby and cruising down the 401 and up the 416 into Ottawa. Mike noted how boring the road was to drive, with a fair amount of traffic but the slower driving speeds, compared to the US, made the drive seem even longer. We saw more police with radar on this stretch of road then we saw on the whole trip. Some things didn't change on the drive though, the strong cross winds were still following us and stupid drivers were all around us again. As a note with regards to the weather, we saw our first motorcycles after a very long time just outside of Ottawa.

We got to Ottawa and pulled in front of Niki and Mitch's house where we will stay for a while, (they weren't home) and unloaded much of the bus of anything that we might need. Turns out due to the large amounts of rain and snow melt, our summer camping spot just outside of Ottawa was significantly flooded, so we were not going to be able to move onto it possibly for another few weeks. So we prepared to settle in with the kids until we could move back into the bus. Until that time, we had time to attend to a number of appointments and errands, we were finally going to get caught up. We dropped off the bus for it's ritual 'After Trip' service and then we went car shopping for Michelle.

With us being away half of the year for 5 years, we had donated Michelle's Escape to the kids since they could use a second car having a newborn. Well, now it was time to find her another set of wheels. Her demands were simple, had to be a convertible, had to be able to put two baby car seats in the back and there had to be room for her golf clubs in the trunk. Amazing how many vehicles don't meet Michelle's criteria. It was down to the Ford Mustang or a Punch Buggy, or as it's officially called a Wolfsburg Beetle. And to no one's surprise, the Beetle won out. We will get it in a week.

So as we start house shopping, wait for Michelle's car to be delivered and the waters to recede at the park, we feel for all these people in Ontario, Quebec and beyond whose properties are flooded, or in danger of it. Time will tell when we get to move back into our bus, but we're thankful to be safe and dry.

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