Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

D was quarantined for 24 hours. Don’t ask. He was confined to the our cabin. They called the room to make sure he was inside. The room Stewart sanitized our entire room. His time is up at 9:41 am. Our shore trip to Corinth is leaving at 9:00am. I know what’s only 41 minutes but they are serious about anyone asking for Imodium. His seacard was blocked so until that time he would not be allowed to leave the ship. They give you free water and movies. All I can say is never leave home without it.

So we decided to just take the good old Hop On -Off Bus. When D was set free so we headed off the ship through the terminal to the Tour buses. It was a wild ride with thousands of scooters, taxis, buses, and people. From the Acropolis to the new soccer stadium. The scenery Is a mix of ancient, new, old, all crowed in narrow streets. Every building with apartments on top, shops on the bottom. Every space covered with the inevitable graffiti. High end stores with Fendi purses and $1500 dresses. Souvenir shops with Acropolis snow globes and statues of Zeus. One long street was filled what looked like a huge flea market, chairs, China, paintings, shoes and junk. Unfortunately it was not close to one of the stops. Markets with spices, butcher shops, bins of bread, olives and cheeses. It turned out to be a really good day. People plying us with pastry, asking where we lived in The States, of course Mickey enters the conversation. The group on the bus was cheerful and we laughed a lot. It was a great day in a foreign country, with strangers who were all enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of being tourists.

My mandarin today was Your Welcome “boo ca chi.

The day ended with watching Bohemian Rapacity in the theater on screen the size of a drive in movie. 1200 seniors singing along. It was a well spent couple of hours.

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