2019 New Adventures of the Old Joyce travel blog

January 27-31, 2019 – Aransas Pass, Texas

January 27 – It was raining this morning, but it cleared off this afternoon and was warm enough to have some of the windows open. The good news is that I didn’t have any leak so they must have found the right place.

I’ve spent the day working on travel stuff and doing laundry. Not very exciting but the laundry had to be done, and black water tank emptied. Now, I’m good for another 2 weeks.

January 28 – This morning I went to Port Aransas to the hobby fair they were having. Betty had a table with some of her handiwork for sale. I looked at all the things on display and was able to keep my hands and money in my pocket. There was one wood carver which had some beautiful things, and while they were reasonably priced, I don’t have a place for anything like that.

I had to wait for a while for the ferry. There was a car which wouldn’t start, and they had to push it off the ferry. They had the neatest gadget which was powered by a motor which they hooked to the rear bumper of the car. With that one man could push the car off the ferry with almost no effort. It was interesting to watch.

January 29 – When I woke up this morning, the wind was blowing so hard that it was rocking the coach. It was around 40 degrees, and I decided not to walk. I just turned over and went back to sleep. I spent the day reading and working on travel stuff.

January 30 – It was another cold morning (for here), but I walked anyway. After the exercise walk in the activity center, I came back and spent the day working on travel stuff.

January 31 – This morning, Ken, Betty and I went to the Winter Texan appreciation day in Rockport. It was mostly outside, and it was raining, of course. However, they had tents set up so it wasn’t too bad – and it was more of a sprinkle at that time, not like the steady rain which started shortly after we left. Betty and I critiqued the 2 5ers which were on display. One was a good quality one which had a lot of wasted space in it. The other was a mediocre one which had the best use of space that I’ve seen in a long time.

We went to the quilt shop in Rockport, and Betty found some flannel to make a cape but nothing else. After that, we went to lunch at the Butter Churn which is a buffet restaurant here in Aransas Pass. As usual, we all ate too much. After Ken and Betty went home, I took a nap before working on travel stuff. It rained all afternoon so much so that by 3:30 it looked like dusk. It is supposed to rain pretty much all night, and the wind has come up again.


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