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River is UP

StanLee sleeping wherever..

Dad's name from Lockesburg High School

Mom's name from Lockesburg High School

Uncle Ed's name from Lockesburg High School

My great grandfather's tombstone

My great grandmother's tombston

Finally, there was no rain falling from the sky. And maybe that was sunshine we saw...or maybe not...it has been a while. To pick up from Thursday night, the baseball game won out and I stayed with it to the end. And, a HOG victory...WooHoo! ! !

Friday it was how to stay out of the standing water. We were out and around with a little shopping, stopping by Beth's to check on Nebula, the cat, and watching for deliveries we expected from Amazon. Friday night was rice, gravy and cube steak...another WooHoo that went well with Caesar salad and rolls. Oh what wonderful misery as I ate too much. Then it was another Hog victory over number two MSU. And then to bed, on a full stomach and a wonderful victory.

Saturday was a beautiful day. By lunch it was time to check on the cat and the mail and then on to the storage facility to get the original bicycle rack to take the bicycles to Chainwheel in Little Rock. They both were in need of some service and Sue's rear brake was still not working. The bicycles were taken off the Bus and moved to the rack on the back of the Canyon. Then it was time for a quick bite before we headed out to Little Rock. We were away by 2:00 and quickly were at Chainwheel. Both bikes were rolled in and the work order was originated. We visited with Mr. Talhiemer who owns the store for a few minutes before heading out to look for some specific needs for the Bus. The Container Store was the first stop and we were in some ways successful on acquiring what we needed to set up a key rack. We are accumulating so many keys, we need some control before we have an issue. Then it was off to the mall to check on a few things. Then a quick stop at Academy before we hit our favorite catfish place...Lazy Pete's. It was extremely good, just as we remembered it. Then back to the Bus, in Conway, to walk Ziva and see what was going on in Toadsuck Park. We got a picture of the dam in a way we had never seen it...with the gates up above the water level...like they were saying "the water is only going to get this high". By Sunday morning, they were re-positioned, so...who knows.

Sunday was Easter. Beth and family were coming home from Old Post COE in Russellville and then I was going with Beth and Hannah to DeQueen, AR (my birthplace) to get another cockapoo, this one for Hannah. We arrived at Beth's early and awaited their arrival. When they arrived we helped the girls hunt for Easter Eggs that had been placed around their front yard. By a little after noon, we were ready to leave. A quick stop at McDonalds and off to the interstate. We made a stop for StanLee south of Malvern. A stop at Arkadelphia for some additional supplies in anticipation of getting Jarvis. Beth drove going down and StanLee pretty well slept wherever he wanted. I tried to get a picture of him sleeping on the console. The only issue was that was that to get there StanLee kept stepping on the seat warmer. This made for some interesting squirming until we got that figured out. We arrived at DeQueen about 3:30 and the lady selling the puppy to Beth was there. We spent about 30 minutes visiting with them, let them see how much StanLee had changed in the 4 weeks Beth has had him. Then it was time to say good bye and head out to Lockesburg. Beth had visited there several weeks back and wanted me to see the names of family members in the senior class slabs that are still there. The school is no longer there but the slabs are. I was able to get pictures of the names for Dad, Mom, Uncle Ed, Uncle Bob, Aunt Virginia, Cousins Dean and Don Jones. I have only included three but I have the others. Then we left, looking for the church where my great grandfather and his wife are buried. It was a little challenge since the church has changed its name since I was there back in 1971. But, we found it and I was able to find the two grave sites I was looking for. My great grandfather I remember well. My great grandmother I only know through the stories my mother would tell me. Then, we were off. We stopped at Lake Greeson State Park to let the dogs make a pit stop as well as the passengers of the car. Then the next stop was Conway a little after 8:00 p.m. A long day and one that needed a long night in bed...which we did not get. Since it was late, Sue did not get me fed until about 9:30. And, it was the last of the rice, gravy and cube steak. It set heavy but, we had to be up early to get to Beth's by 8:30 so we could dog sit while she was at chemo. We were up at 6:30 after not getting to bed until well after 11:00 p.m.

This morning (Monday) we were up and going and on time to Beth's. We took Ziva to get her acclimated to the group of three boy dogs that now reside at the Layton residence. It was interesting but as the day wore on the edges began to get less severe and for the most part is was a successful day. Beth was back about 2:30 and appeared to be doing well. We stayed for a little while, making sure they had dinner arranged for and there was no longer need for our services. Then to the Bus. I had a shower and we went for dinner at Stoby's. It was good and in some ways very good. Their cheese dip is still as good as we remembered. Our sandwiches were very satisfying and we really enjoyed the evening. Now we are back at the Bus and deciding how soon we will get in bed. It has been a long day... dog sitting ... but someone has to do it. And by the way, we loved every minute of it. Now I am sure I hear the bed calling...

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