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Cynthea and Marie

Perth Mint

AU$1million gold coin, weights 1 tonne, woth over $63million

Tony's weight in gold is worth....

19 April – Good Friday

Happy Easter, and an early morning wake up call from the bank. The bastards call Tony on the NZ number, and it comes up as “private”, so he abuses them and shuts the call down without answering it. They try twice more, same abuse, same response. We are wondering who the hell is calling, and the phone rings again, this time on the Aussie number. Private number again, but Tony wonders if it is something important, so he answers it. The woman asks for Anthony, and Tony asks who wants to know. It is the bank, ringing about a problem we had with our accounts, and he is a bit sharp in telling her it 3 o’clock in the bloody morning, and they are supposed to contact by bank mail. She apologises and starts to tell him what has happened, but he cuts her off and tells her he is overseas, and they are supposed to message him through online banking, and hangs up. More than a tad pissed off, he looks at the time and sees it is actually 5am, but even so. And who the hell rings on Good Friday about a banking problem?! Well ANZ do, because the call was genuine.

After breakfast we head out to see Tony’s cousin, Rod de Bettencor, who with wife Sharon has lived in Perth for many years, Rod is from Te Anau, Sharon is a local. We catch the train to Greenwood, where Rod picks us up and takes us to Landsdale. It has been a few years we since have seen them, so it is great to catch up and meet the family. And eat hot cross buns !

In the afternoon Jeff and Karen come over to the hostel for a feed of butter chicken. After tea Karen is going to our room with Cynthea, when we hear a loud yell, Karen has fallen (there are a couple of steps down into the corridor that are hard to see if the light is off). She looks to be ok, we put voltaren and ice on her ankle, and dose her up with ibuprofen. Hopefully she will be ok in the morning. We had thought the nightclub might crank up tonight after midnight, but thankfully they did not.

20 April – Saturday

Another fine day, the wind has dropped and the sun is out. Not too hot, yet. Karen is ok this morning, Jeff reckons she is milking it… breakfast in bed haha. Marie picks us up from the hostel and takes us back to her place in Carr St, not far from here. Marie is a cousin to Cynthea’s Dad, Trevor. We first met in Dunedin in November last year, it is great to catch up again, and Cynthea is getting a lot of family tree information, plus details of family in the UK to contact. We are met by a very friendly bird, a black and white wagtail (it looks like a large fantail), called a wagtail because he does just that, wiggling his bum as he dances around in front of us. He comes very close, and pecks Tony’s feet. Marie said he has never come that close to her, and he flies towards her open hand, but doesn’t land. We make use of the washing machine, and Tony has company hanging out the washing. He hopes it stays clean with a friendly bird hopping around nearby.

We have a lovely lunch at the café on the corner, sitting outside in the sun. Marie is a local historian and she tells us all about the area. When we get back to hers, the washing is mostly dry. She gives us a copy of the book she wrote on local history. Marie takes us for a drive up into the hills for a view of the valley, and home down the old railway line, which is now a one way road. Zig Zag Road does just that.

Leftovers for tea tonight, yum, always better the next day. The nightclub has cranked up again tonight, and again the music is not too bad. A bit too much of the “doof doof” base, but the industrial grade ear plugs work well enough, and they are all gone by 2am. We get a few hours sleep before dragging ourselves out of bed for a quick breakfast and checking out.

21 April – Easter Sunday

Jeff and Karen are coming to get us, but there will not be enough room to take our bags, so we will have two runs to the airport. The first to drop of Karen’s bags at Terminal 4 storage, and Jeff’s at Terminal 1’s. Perth has two lots of terminal, about 15 minutes drive between them. Karen is on a domestic flight to Melbourne, then a flight to Wellington, leaving around midnight. Jeff will be with us at the international terminal, flying to Kuala Lumper, where we start our tour, and then he carries on to Bangkok and then Khon Kaen.

We head out for a feed, late lunch, at a mall nearby. We decide to see if the Perth Mint is open, and when we get there find the last tour of the day is taking place. We will get to see the world’s biggest gold coin, and also a molten gold pour. Tony asks them if there is a discount seeing it is the last tour of the day, thinking he will get told to sod off, but to his surprise she offers a couple of bucks off, AU$17 instead of $20. We join the tour and get to see behind the scenes. Including a large solid gold coin that weighs one tonne, it has a face value of $1,000,000, and is worth much, much more. We are surprised that is doesn’t look anything special, if we didn’t know we would have thought it to be a plaster model. We then go to see gold poured into a bar, a great comedy show with that demonstration, haha.

We happened to park outside a pub, so after the mint we went for a drink, then it was back to the hostel to pick up the bags. We were looking for a feed, but couldn’t find a park anywhere. It was really busy, we guess because it was Easter Sunday. After a fruitless search we decide to head towards the airport, and call in at a mall to see what is available. We settle on Nandos, something new for Tony and Cynthea to try. We are using Tracey’s car, so have to get it back to her place, and then get back to the airport. We drop Karen off at her terminal, oops quite a bit early, as we forgot she is actually on a domestic flight first. Cynthea stays with her for company and a coffee, and then catches the bus to the other terminals.

Meantime Jeff and Tony take Tracey’s car back to her place, and they call an Uber back to the airport, AU$18 fare. They are in the pub by the time Cynthea’s bus arrives…

We head off to a quieter part of the airport in the hope of getting some sleep before check in at 4am. International arrivals has rows of chairs that we can lie down on, we get a wee bit of sleep but it is hardly worth it.

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