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Our granddaughter Lauren spent the night with us and we all had fun. She has a bright, bubbly, joyous type of personality and keeps us entertained with stories, jokes, and songs.

I slept in the hide-a-bed while Lauren slept with Marilyn in the king bed. This morning I decided to take the ladies out for breakfast so we drove to Logue’s which was packed. We did get a table right away but it took nearly 45 minutes before breakfast was served. It was very good and we all enjoyed our time together as Lauren continued to entertain us. There was a great deal of laughter for sure.

The next item on our agenda when we left the restaurant was to do the shopping for a few items needed for the meal we have planned for Saturday.

Jennifer was working but stopped by our place to visit and pick up Lauren before going home. While we were visiting we heard a loud thump on the RV. It sounded like someone had slammed one of our storage compartment doors. I went out to investigate and noticed a large chunk of wood from a tree next to us. Evidently it had broken off in the wind and thumped the RV on its way to the ground. A more thorough investigation is in store.

Marilyn & I have found a home we really like and have made plans to see it on Monday so that is exciting. I’ll report more on that later. For now I’ll simply remind you that Life is Good!

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