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Ziva focused on a squirrel

Squirrel looking at Ziva

Squirrel moved up to bark back at Ziva

After the rainy and stormy weekend, Tuesday was a beautiful day. But it was just a joke because more rain (storms) were in the forecast. Wednesday was cloudy and you could feel the oncoming storms by Wednesday afternoon. By Wednesday about midnight the rain and the storms were here with a vengeance. Heavy rain, hail and high winds really tried to keep us awake. It kept Sue awake and I managed to doze and sleep through most of the storms. And, today (Thursday) has been totally miserable. Rain to heavy rain and finally a slow drizzle as I just got back from taking Ziva on her final outing of the day. Anyway, the rain of last night and today has almost made me forget about Tuesday. After three months of heavy rains in Yuma being 0.25 inches to come back to where the heavy rains in Little Rock totaled over 4 inches. Whew...

Tuesday was a beautiful day. Lloyd brought our Aqua Hot burner back and installed it AND...it worked properly. It is still working properly. WooHoo! ! ! ! Then it was a lot of little things. First, they were finally mowing the park. Grass was several inches above ankle high. I held the power cord and the water hoses up so they could mow as close as they could. It really helped. I was also trying to get Ziva caught up on being outside so on our early afternoon walk we headed for a new part of the park and ended up going by one of the pavilions. Ziva saw a squirrel and went into the stalk mode. There was a tree about 20 feet from the pavilion and when Ziva got close the squirrel went up the tree. It sat on the first limb just looking at Ziva. Finally Ziva barked at the squirrel and it ran up the tree to the next branch. Then it turned around and started barking back at Ziva. It was almost like taunting. After we returned to the Bus we then headed for Beth's. We visited for a while and made sure they had dinner and did not need our help. For dinner Sue had the left over meatloaf and fixings from Monday night and I had the chance to grill a hamburger and a hot dog. Both of us loved our meal and felt full the rest of the evening. Since the Aqua Hot was now working, I enjoyed a nice long shower and headed for bed at a reasonable time. We knew Wednesday would be a busy day so sleeping had a high priority.

Wednesday started slowly but with a goal of leaving at 10:00 to make Sue's doctor appointment. We were a little after 10:00 in leaving and still made it to her doctor's office early. The doctor was pleased with Sue's improvement and gave her new prescriptions to see if we can finally get her totally cured. Then we left headed for a shopping outing for a kitchen waste basket. It was Home Depot, Target, WalMart, Bed, Bath & Beyond followed by Lowe's. Our issue is the height. It needs to be large enough to hold items like milk jugs but small enough to fit under the drawer that has the silverware. We purchased one at Lowe's and brought it home.

Now let me insert that while we were at Target we ran into Heather, one of my former employees and a good friend. Three years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through a very similar treatment program that Beth is going through. Sue and I were able to discuss various things with her and toward the end we found out she used the same surgeon that Beth has. Heather was very impressed with the doctor and that made us feel better. We promised to keep in touch and keep her up to date on Beth's treatment. Sue and I felt really good after talking with Heather.

Now, back to the day, we made it back to the Bus and discovered the trash can was too tall. We decided to return it to Lowe's in Conway. We made that trip, which included a trip by Beth's and a few other stops and then back to the Bus. We had cereal for dinner. We had eaten at Corky's in Little Rock for a late lunch and were still full so the cereal was just right. We stayed up until about midnight before we went to bed. By 1:00 a.m. the fireworks (or storm) had started. The final wave came through a little after 4:00 a.m. and we were up about 8:00. I found a gap in the rain to get Ziva out but it was a quick outing and it required a little drying when we returned.

We left a little after noon to head for Shoot House. It was time for Sue to requalify for her concealed carry permit. We had lunch on the way at ChickFilA and got to Shoot House about 2:00. Sue went through the update and I went in and wasted about a box and a half of shells. Then the instructor was there with Sue in the next lane getting ready to do her qualifying. Well the first shot was center cut on the 1/2" diameter bullseye. She had one other on the edge and the remaining three were within 2". The instructor gave her a hard way for being so unsure of herself. We spent another 30 minutes or so there and Sue got more familiar with her Kimber semi-automatic handgun.

Then it was off to the Bus. We had already been by Beth's and they were trying to get ready to head to Old Post. Just as we got back to the Bus, the rain hit again in the heavy mode. It would be that way for another three hours. I had one more trip to WalMart. Ziva and I were out just before dark and it was still spitting a little rain but it should be clear here by 9:00 or so. Oh well, I am trying to watch the Hogs play MSU and watch for Haley and family in the stands. Abby is on her official visit to The Hill this weekend. I do not know which will win...the ballgame or a shower. But that kind of catches up on what it happening here at Toad Suck.

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