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Finally, into Michigan, our final state before Canada

Here comes the fog, how did Mike miss this??

One bout of heavy rain, thankfully at the rest stop and we're...

The town of Frankenmuth takes Easter seriously, most of the main street...

Mike, wrapped in his rain poncho, checks out the Santa outside the...

The wooden covered bridge in town, largest in Michigan, youngest two lane...

Parked at Jellystone, Frankenmuth, just a little bit of water around

We can tell we are back into the Great Lakes region, with major weather systems moving through, one after another. We woke up before the rain began, but by the time we checked our mail and had breakfast a quick and heavy downpour had rolled through. With a pause in the rain, Mike ran out and disconnected everything, so we could finish breakfast in a relaxed mode and not long after we were off.

The GPS always gives you a choice of multiple ways to drive and originally we were looking at the quickest way to Frankenmuth, but since the weather wasn't going to be great we decided to take a different route that took us farther north to begin with and then head inland. WELL... you think that weather man Mike would have thought about the fog from the cool lake air and the warm moist air, BUT no, off we went and for the first hour we were driving in pretty much in a thick soup of fog. By the time we turned inland, the wind picked up and we were battling a cross wind... It wasn't until we were turned north at Flint, Michigan and that the wind came from behind that it became a more relaxed drive. Most of the way the windshield wipers were on and off, Michelle did her sock knitting, in between old school map flipping... (just when does the GPS regain your trust?)...

Of the many miles we've traveled, the wildlife we have seen has been limited either to the zoo's or road kill. Lots of road kill... we saw, a few days back, 7 deer in the ditch in a 1/2 mile stretch. Then again it would seem that the roads department is not to concerned about animal carcasses, when you see some that are reduced to only bones... Well today...a wild turkey ran right out in front and the stupid thing didn't even look. Mike was quick to slow the bus a bit, swerve a bit, honk the horn a bit, and a whole pile of yelling GET OUT OF THE WAY... End result, bus survived, turkey survived, so perhaps this begs the question, why did the turkey cross the road?

We got into Frankenmuth early enough that we set up, had lunch and then walked across the street to the biggest Christmas store in the world... It has 5 football fields of inside displays of Christmas stuff. From there we went downtown to catch the 6pm Glockenspiel show of the Pied Piper. Today was a lot of walking and tomorrow will be more as we decide do we stay or should we go? To help us think about this we went for a swim at the RV park's indoor pool and hot tub... maybe we'll stay a bit longer. It seems that Frankenmuth has a very strong German background. It was founded in 1845 by a group of 15 German-Lutheran missionaries who came to the area to teach Christianity to the native Chippewa tribe. The stores flaunt the Bavarian theme and German flags are everywhere. The town is famous for the Christmas store, and German style chicken. Mike may be eyeing a pair of Lederhosen to add to his wardrobe, and a nice chicken dinner tomorrow. We will see.

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