2019 Delmarva Shakedown travel blog

No pictures today. We drove straight home from Chincoteague. Our first trip of the year was relatively trouble free. We had a slight hiccup while we were driving across the causeway to Chincoteague on Monday. Winnie's engine stopped so when there's no enine there's no power steering orpower brakes. Steering and braking are brute force, a scary feeling. Fortunately there was a parking pull off that I coasted into for a safe stop. I knew immediately what the problem was, a blown ECM fuse. When I opened the dash, sure enough the 20 amp fuse had blown. I replaced the fuse and the engine started. We unhooked the car and Sue drove it to the campground to be safe. I thought I had this problem fixed before we left on this trip, but it reared its ugly head again. This trip was a shakedown after the winter and we managed to shake out a problem. There's nothing worse when you are driving a big vehicle than to be unsure if you are going to loose power and then control of the vehicle. We made it home without incident this afternoon, but Winnie will be going to the shop before we venture out again later in May. Stay tuned.

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