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I woke at 1::00 this morning to the sound of thunder, followed shortly after by the sound of rain on the roof. The storm didn’t last very long but the rain and wind continued into the daylight hours. The temperature fell with the rain and it felt chilly whe we climbed out of bed.

Marilyn & I shared our coffee while watching for any sign that our friends were awake next door. Denny & Jackie were leaving this morning and we hated to see them go. It was nearly 9:00 when our friends walked over to share hugs with us and head for home.

Shortly after saying so long to our friends, I was ready to lead tours in the cave. The first tour was for kindergarten students and they did fine. The second tour was for second grade students and one little girl was autistic. The teacher confided in me that the little girl was afraid and we might need to bring her out of the cave early. I alerted the staff that I would call on the radio if we had a problem, and then spoke to the youngster, giving her a flashlight for her to keep with her. I suggested that she stay close to me and use the flashlight whenever she wished.

I kept an eye on this young lady and finally asked her if she was having a good time. She gave me a big smile and said yes, that she was having fun. That made me feel just fine and I walked home tired but happy.

Marilyn fixed “Sloppy Joe’s” for a late lunch/early dinner and we relaxed with some reading after eating. It was a good day and Life is Good!

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