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12 hours of sleep has recharged us. We got our directions to walk to city center and catch the Hop On-Off Bus Touristic. 6 city blocks from the hotel with things to gauze at in every direction. Every building has apartments on top, retail on the bottom. Old, new, with balcony’s and without, dramatic styling, or old and flat it was stunning to take it all in. By using our human built in GPS we found the buses. The real problem was the temperature, 54 degrees and windy. With hoods pulled up, jackets zippered, head phones on we toured Barcelona.

Schools that looked they could be in a Harry Potter movie.

Famous artists build homes and church’s some covered in ceramic, steeples with colored baskets of fruit on top, Iron gates that look like dragons, and let’s not forget the street artists. They have covered everything available in graffiti. There is not a blank wall or door anywhere. Some is true art but mostly it’s spray painted names tagged on every surface.

The soccer stadium was impressive in size and the acreage that surrounds it. Holds 100,000 people and an entire street of soccer retail.

Lunch was at a small restaurant we chose from the outside posted menu. D choose to have several “tapas” translates small portion in Spanish. There is always Cuttlefish on the posted menus outside? I remembered them from an episode of “Chopped.” They are part of the squid and octopus family with a fish like head. I had the risotto with mushrooms and chicken which was delicious and a good substitute for soup on a cold day.........and a correction from yesterday. Today I ordered coffee Bomba and it was 4 ozs. of the best coffee I have ever had. Wish you could order it in a Grande size.

When we got back to the hotel D was going to take a nap but I said I was going back to the place where the post cards were. He then asked “ are you sure you can get back alone? You get directionally challenged sometimes?” I assured him it was the same route we took to bus I’d be fine. Got the post cards, wasn’t really lost but just mis-placed the street I should be on. Took me an hour to get back to the hotel I knew D would be worried and he was. Add another item added to the forbidden list.

Went to Spain’s version of a Dollar General store looking for a small fan. What fun, same idea just different items.

Supper was Penni ‘s and still water. They put shredded carrots on mine. Gonna try that when I get home. I have also discovered their wonderful thin sliced sunflower seed bread.

Off to the ship tomorrow. Barcelona has been wonderful surprise.

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