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Rush hour in Madison, Wisconsin

Not rush hour in Chicago, 10:30 am, notice the subway trains down...

Parked in Michigan City, Indiana

Well today was a good day... some might say. We were up early again and with no rain yet, we got on the road before the storms arrived, rolling by 7:30am.

Today we did 3 states - again. We left Wisconsin, drove quickly through Illinois (except for Chicago!) and then into Indiana driving around the bottom of Lake Michigan. Now let's go back to this part about Chicago. When we were last here, 20 years ago, the drive seemed to just zip by then, why would it not be a repeat of that trip?

This time through Chicago was ... well, let us just say, there was a lot of yelling. First, the GPS decided to start acting up by rebooting all of a sudden, over and over, Michelle had to go old school again with the paper maps. Then Chicago decided to dig up the entire city and make it under construction... and oh it does need repairs... some of the repairs needed repairs... the pot holes, narrow lanes and no one following the speed limits made for a very focused on driving adventure, especially for Mike. Road blocks and barriers everywhere, shifting lanes left, then right, Michelle now where are we? Which split in the road do we take now? There were times when we had 10 lanes both ways and then suddenly we were 4. Off-ramps had on-ramps and signs that were no-where right and then there was the occasional worker stepping out into highway traffic right in front of everyone. Michelle was stressing, trying to make sure we didn't get lost... and then we were out of Chicago, thankfully!

Chicago did an interesting thing, they put one of their subway lines down the middle of the expressway, between the two directions of traffic where we would usually have the center median. Certainly unusual, watching the subway cars as we pass the moving train.

The main thing was we were ahead of the rain, we got a few drops of rain on and off but we missed the first of a number of big storms rolling through.

We watch a lot of TV and three of the popular shows on now are done in Chicago... Chicago Fire, PD, and Med. Well as we were going along the express way, if you looked off into the side streets, we were fully expecting to see the film crews working. We almost thought at one point we saw Molly's (a bar in one of the shows) at one of the corners. Looking it up, it is the area where the shows are filmed, no wonder it looked familiar.

So Chicago is nicknamed the 'Windy City'... well yes it was windy, but who ever thinks Chicago is THE windy city needs to take a drive from Kansas to here. The whole middle of the United States is windy. And it was a fight of cross-winds and a 40' bus all the way, but the bus won :-)

Tonight we are parked in Michigan City, which is in Indiana, but close to the Michigan border (only about 4 miles or 7km.) We were setup just after lunch and the weather was Sunny and 75F, a degree warmer than Mesa Arizona. But the wind is picking up now again, the clouds are moving in and the temperature is starting to drop. Me thinks... the weather it is about to change.

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