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A beautiful day on the beach

Sand dollar and barnacle

Sea Hare

Squished Sea Hare...oops!

Very tiny clam

This snail had a long hike

Estuary trail

Beach sunflower

Fading sunlight over the estuary

Osprey and nice lunch

We saw many Pelicans

Western Gull

Marbled Godwit. How do they not break that beak?


Black Brandt

Pelican on the hunt

Willett. Walking on water?

Willet looks like he got his legs twisted

Western gull portrait.

Long billed curlew

Eared Grebe

Reddish Egret

Heermans gull

Fish rearing ponds in the bay

Near La Bufadora

We had to walk a gauntlet of shops to get to the...

Tile shop

This kid was trying to catch the squirrel

The blow hole, and some people I dont know!

Pretty view from this side of the bay. Looks a lot like...

In between our tours, we enjoyed walking on the beach. One day we saw a lot of Sea Hares on the beach. These look like big slugs with sails on the top. They were actually kind of pretty. When I accidently stepped on one, it shot out some very pretty purple ink, which it does when it gets upset. I felt kind of bad for it, but then I was wondering if that ink was ever used as a dye. I did not try it.

A few miles down the road from the beach camp is an estuary. There is a nature trail that goes along the edge of the water and over the sand dunes. It was so beautiful. Lots of birds to see, flowers, and no other people. Amazing.

Another place we visited was La Bufadora. This is a large sea spout. There is a place in a cliff, where water rushes in and it splashes and shoots high in the air. To get to it we drove around a point of land about 10 miles, then had to park and walk through a gauntlet of vendors. Since it was late in the day, we were probably the last visitors going in, so we had all their attention as they tried to tell us to come see what they had, special deals, and so on. It was kind of fun. We did stop at one place and picked up a couple of more tiles and a frog for our Mexican tiled bathroom.

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