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Sunrise in Albert Lea Minnesota

Still lots of snow on the hillsides and in ditches

Our first view of the mighty Mississippi

I90 crosses the Mississippi at La Crosse, Wisconsin

The bridge we crossed, and the Mississippi, from beside the Wisconson Welcome...

Mike carefully avoids the snow piles in the parking lot at the...

Turning south, from our most northerly point in the trip, typical roads...

The bus parked in the DeForest Wisconson KOA

For all our friends who are Green Bay Packer fans, Mike as...

Sissie the cow, guards the cheese factory, and the campground that's behind...

This will be another quick day, not much expected... we again got off and running by 8:10am and it was a nice sunny 49F. It wasn't long before Mike stopped to have a pee at a rest stop, and since it we were driving into the sun, Mike found he had to quickly clean the windows of bugs and smudges. Traffic yesterday and today has begun to get heavier. As we travel these last few interstates, we have definitely left the back-roads of the USA behind.

We were now on a road that we had traveled almost 20 years ago. Back then we took the kids in our old 'C' class motor-home across the country, on a 5 week journey, and we came back this way... memories of stopping at the Spam Museum with the kids came back... at that time what should have been just a quick in and out, turned into a half day visit. This trip, we figured we didn't need to stop for SPAM again.

We got our first view of the Mississippi as we crossed it for the last time on our journeys. We stopped at the Welcome Center next to it and we were told the river was only 7 feet above normal and expected to start dropping soon. That didn't take into account that there was some bad-ass storms still coming in over the next few days and Canada hadn't started to melt yet... we will see.

On the out-side of the bus we have a large map of Canada and the USA. Today, we crossed into Wisconsin, our last new state. Michelle's maps (that she adds stickers of states and provinces to, as we go through them) are as complete as they are getting. Over the past 5 years we've only missed 5 states of the contiguous US and on the Canadian map, the far north parts of Canada. This winter's travels, took us up to South Dakota and we reached our most northerly drive in the US - a little town called Tomah. After this, Ottawa will be the only place farther north.

We finally saw big flocks of geese on the many big ponds left from all the recent bad weather and snow melt they've had around these parts.

We stopped part way, long enough to gas up and grab some gas station burritos to keep rolling while the weather was holding so nice. Now I know what your thinking... Burito's, gas, and Mike... And, yes your right. It's a good thing the weather is so warm, we were able to leave the windows open to air things out.

We were parked for the day by 1:05pm and Mike quickly gave up on the Satellite dish. Even with his Margarita in hand, he had no luck in getting it to work. So that meant we had lots of time to explore and that was easy. We walked over to Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet and to see 'Sissy' the giant cow, which was right next door to the RV park.

Michelle enjoyed her day of shorts, but we think that is coming to an end :-( We've enjoyed great weather, only a sprinkle overnight last night, but a storm is on the way, so hopefully we'll be up early and moving tomorrow, to get ahead of it and maybe even parked before it hits, fingers crossed!

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