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Ziva helping me watch the Masters

Folks fishing at the rivers edge

The Bus, truck and CLAM at dusk

I will confess I have enjoyed the last five days. It has been Masters time. We have always enjoyed the Masters Golf Tournament. It is extremely special since we were there for two days back in 2007. Every shot we discuss if we were there on that particular part of the course and where we sat or stood. It was a great time and when possible we enjoy diving into all the coverage during the tournament. Every day was the same. One television was on the Golf Channel. When it was appropriate (Thursday and Friday) we also had ESPN on and of course CBS on Saturday and Sunday. I always had my iPad on one of the covered groups they had available. WOW...Masters overload.

Thursday was overcast and I was in most of the day. Sue decided to work on scanning so we could get rid of some paper. For dinner, I went to Whole Hog and got dinner for Beth's group and for us. Oh, how I have missed Whole Hog. This is our second dose since we returned from Arizona.

On Friday, it was the same...all day Masters. I got a shot of Ziva watching the telecast when the Masters was piping in the bird calls. I went to the golf shop here in Conway in the middle of the day to get new grips on several of my clubs. Arizona was hard on the clubs...at least as far as usage. Then back for the afternoon viewing of the Masters. We went over to Beth's Friday night to see how everyone was doing. They all appeared to be doing good. Then back to the Bus and prepare for the rain and storms that were coming.

The forecast was right. Rain, wind and more rain. I do not think much missed us. Saturday morning they had the river level down as low as I have ever seen it here. The barge traffic appeared to be heavy going both ways. Mid-day we heard the sirens advising they were raising the gates to increase the flow on the river. It seemed that every few hours the rest of the day and all day Sunday they blew the sirens and the river kept coming up.

The Masters was exciting and had constant drama on Saturday and for sure on Sunday.

Of course the Masters had the early start on Sunday due to weather, so with the early ending I had most of the afternoon free. I went to WalMart to get a few groceries for us and a couple of items for Beth. She and StanLee were back in the trailer as Jeff was diagnosed with strep. Her test was negative but cultures were sent to verify. I left Sue at the Bus as we are still trying to get her well. She is better but not completely cured just yet. The rain was past and we went for a walk with Ziva in late afternoon. It was one of the few times we have all been able to go for a walk together. A pleasant evening and then to bed. Now this was a little touchy as Lloyd had come and taken the burner out of our AquaHot to test for issues. Sue had put down foam insulation on the slides to keep out cold air and we set up electric heaters to make sure we stayed warm...and we did. Both of us were out from the covers several times during the night.

Monday was the first post-Masters day so I withdrew slowly. I watched some of the Golf Channel and listened to a little bit of the rehash. Before lunch we took the Bus to the dump station. It was time to empty the black tank. Then back to the site and set up all over again. That is the only draw back to a COE park. No Sewer! Well, that and they need to mow.

We went to Kroger after lunch to get a few items so Sue could prepare dinner for Beth and family. Beth's culture said she also had strep and had to start on antibiotics. I had to make one more trip back to get a couple of things we forgot and Sue prepared meatloaf, potato casserole and green bean casserole. Just before 6:00 we delivered everything to Beth's and got it into the oven. Then back to the Bus. Ziva and I went for a walk and got a picture of the couple fishing on one of the landings on the steps going down to the river. There are at least two more levels of the stairs that are under water. Ziva and I watched as the man caught a nice large mouth bass. It was at least 15 inches long. They blew the horn and opened the dam gates some more. Ziva and I returned to the Bus and both of us enjoyed our dinner. Sue made mine and I made Ziva's. Both of us were happy, full and satisfied. After we finished the dishes we all went on a quick walk with Ziva and checked the landing the guy had been fishing on. It was now about to go under water. That meant the water level had risen about a foot in just over an hour. Then it was dark and we returned to the Bus. I got a picture of the Bus, truck and CLAM with the Boogie lights on under the Bus. Now it is time to finish this post and get to bed.

Again, my favorite weekend is over...

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