The Weather Channel warns us of Tornados near and approaching

Some of the aftermath damage

View from restroom door, RV Park flooding, note the flooded stalled car...

The RV Park flooded quickly

When storm passed, 2 hours later we returned to our coach, safe...

While at Vicksburg we got caught in a situation which we’ve only faced once before. We first saw it come up on the evening news the night before warning us of a developing clash of systems in Texas and rolling toward us. With our eyes on the weather channel tv as well as our iPad apps, we were alerted to Tornados coming in our direction. When the tornado(s) were a few miles from us we took shelter in the restrooms of the park office building. The office building is built of cinder block with heavy steel doors, we felt safe. The wind howled, the rain pelted and then part of the RV park flooded. We witnessed the dreaded green hue to the sky, which is a sign of impending danger of tornado activity. There was four people in the restroom we were in, all were friendly and talkative.

How to survive a Tornado Warning! ! ! Prepare a Plan, Execute the Plan, Do Not Delay

When the storm passed, which took two hours, we returned to our coach. Not knowing what we were to find, we were glad to see that we had sustained no damage what so ever! Prior to leaving for the restroom, we pulled in the awning, Dave secured the items we had outside. He put them in storage bins or put heavier items on light items to keep them from blowing away. He unplugged the coach from shore power, turned off the water.

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