The street sign

You know that you’ve arrived

Space 10, we sit out in the nice warm weather

Not many people here this time of year.

We arrived to the Vicksburg National Military Park

We recommend to buy these for your understanding tour of the park.

C.S.A. Lt. Gen John C. Pemberton

Union Maj. Gen Ulysses S. Grant

Pemberton’s sword worn at the battle.

Example of how they fought in a trench.

About their fighting

Civilians of the town of Vicksburg suffered greatly during and after the...

View of a typical cave used by civilians of the town.

The two types of soldiers, how they dressed

The spot where the surrender interview took place

The current marker for the surrender meeting.

Grand sons of the two General meet at the surrender interview site.

The original surrender memorial, now preserved in the visitors center.

All along the 16 mile tour route are memorials erected by states...

Wisconsin was heavily involved

Ohio have many of this type of memorial

Canon are emplaced where they stood

The Shirley House sustained much damage, but is the only war time...

About the Shirley house

The Illinois state memorial for all their 30,000 plus soldiers

On the floor of the Illinois memorial

About the Illinois memorial

About a young Medal of Honor awardee.

About the Black Fighters

General Grant’s headquarters are marked.

The common soldier came from any town in the USA

About the U.S.S. CAIRO museum

The now raised and somewhat restored U.S.S. CAIRO

A model of the ship as should have looked

How the Cairo was found.

This is how we roll when there’s lots of walking involved

Dave and Ginger on a walk.

Inside the Cairo, some restored some left as is...

Union Navy river members of the Cairo, all colors, all ethnics, all...

Showing how close the two sides got at this location, red sign...

Another area where two sides were close.

A monument

A monument

We departed Canton the next morning, the 11th and traveled 305 miles to Vicksburg the spot of the famed Vicksburg Seige during the Civil War. We have wanted to stop here for several years to investigate and learn about this historic battlefield. This RV park, Magnolia is just far enough off the freeway to be quiet yet easy off and on. Take exit 1-B and travel south. We paid $28 for FHU 50 amp per day.

From the RV Park we traveled 4.5 miles to the NPS Visitors Center for the Vicksburg National Military Park. The visitors center was very informative. We suggest buying the 1 hour drive tour cd and the accompanying booklet with this combo we still spent 10 hours on the park touring and learning. For more info go to: www.nps.gov/vick

By late 1862, the Union had gained control of most of the Mississippi River. However, the Confederates retained control of a 250 mile section anchored by Vicksburg, Mississippi. Vicksburg is situated on high bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River and because of that protective feature its capture would have to take place from the land side, not the water side. Union commander Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. He faced Confederate Lt. Gen John C. Pemberton. Also, Union Maj. Gen William T. Sherman moved to the north hills of the city. The entire campaign taking well over several months with the main seige lasting 47 days! We learned the National Cemetery here contains the remains of more than 17,000 Union soldiers of which only 4,000 have been identified. There are approx. 5,000 Confederate Soldiers interred here of which 1,600 have been identified.

In 1962, the U.S.S. CAIRO was raised out of the silt from where it settled after it had been torpedoed and sunk. That happened on December 12, 1862. It was one of seven similar iron clad battle ships made for the Unions war effort along the Mississippi. That ship, is on display half way through the park tour. Scientists say, the silt didn’t let the oxygen get to the wood and so, preserving it over the 100 years the Cairo sat on the bottom of the river. Enjoy the photos of this iconic landmark battlefield.....

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