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Bonita Ranch Campground which was just out of San Bernardino, was our next stop. We drove over to check out Los Angeles. We did the full Hollywood drive and sight see. We toured Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Strip, the Hollywood sign, and the Griffith Observatory ( it was closed).

Trying to go back to the camper via google maps, we ended up on Coldwater Canyon Road and Mulholland Drive. The streets kept getting smaller and smaller. They were so narrow you had to pull off road for a car coming the other direction. Saw tons of beautiful gates and roofs of the homes in this area. A few we could actually see the home. The front of these homes were on the lot next to street but the backs were suspended. The road was so narrow, I looked out the window and saw no ground, just the houses way, way down.

We drove miles out of the way with Barneys google directions. But we got to see LA from above. I have no idea what he googled.

I have come to the conclusion that there are no police officers anywhere in this town. With everyone speeding and driving as if they are on some serious drugs, to being one of the dirtiest towns I have ever been in, and what is so sad is their homeless population...LA sucked! People sleeping on the streets within blocks of multi million dollar homes...just very sad.

From where we camped to LA was about an hour drive of the worst roads with drivers all on crack....weaving in and out... and speed was a option!

We saw a guy in a Maserati cussing out a guy driving a Porsche, then both went almost airborne while passing us. No one goes the speed limit or stops for stop signs. My nerves were shot when we headed back.

Then to beat all when we finally found the camp site, I needed a shower to calm down. Well I didn’t want to wash my hair so I got the great idea of putting a jumbo size plastic bag over my head and hair....sounded like a great idea at the time...so I entered the shower with the plastic bag on my head..then...oh ....I need to wash my face...well that’s when the idea went sideways. Because my hair was wet, I decided well I’ll go ahead and wash it.....and this also sounded like a great idea....until I started to rinse my hair ....my bracelet got hung in my hair and I couldn’t get it loose. I was able to unhook the bracelet but couldn’t get it out of my hair. I walked from the showers back to the camper with wet matty hair and a bracelet hanging in the middle of this mess.

Barney finally got it out of my wet hair, thank goodness I didn’t lose much hair.

What a day!

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